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  1. Photoshoot Finished Project CM HAF Stacker Blaze Force
  2. motherboard fitting and some acrylic madness haha manual cutting my trusty acrylic homemade saw
  3. Metal works for my rear exhaust...and cut some metal to the 915 case to fit a 120mm fan
  4. Some updates... i change my orange color did some acrylic mobo tray
  5. painting some of the chassis the i dont like the orange color ill look for other shade back chassis i put screen looking to finished this mod..
  6. Got my PSU thank you Cooler Master!!! i used Paracord for Sleeving the wires!!
  7. Update drill some holes for the rivets and i did some test fitting of the motherboard thank you Gigabyte for this awesome mobo!!! more updates to come ill do some painting this week
  8. almost done with the chassis i did my custom back panel i can't work with the mod a lot because of my job so sorry for long update
  9. The finish product i replace the bracket because of the wrong measurements haha and i used acetelyn instead of welding for more clean look thank's to my friend for letting me use his shop and equipments haha
  10. Update Guys i did my own custom motherboard bracker the X bracket my 1st Prototype
  11. hi update i saw my CM 690 III motherboard tray and some flat metals that i used last year for my jordan pc so i cut them to make my custom motherboard tray thanks for viewing guys
  12. hi update i remove the mother board tray now my haf stacker looks so clean see you soon