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  1. Hey guys, made an unboxing video of Coolermaster Cosmos SE and I installed V1000 PSU on it
  2. Hi everyone! made an uboxing vid - Cosmos SE + 360view. enjoy watching! =D
  3. you're right I've seen lots of good reviews and I'm lucky I was able unbox one
  4. Featured on my Youtube channel CM v1000 Unboxing speaking in our local language "tagalog"
  5. test fit on my CM n200 Closer look
  6. What's up CM Vseries users! I wanna share this badass looking CM V1000 PSU The packaging! out from the box
  7. Sharing my unboxing of Cooler Master Seidon 120XL Liquid CPU cooler I must say this is one of the nicest packaging I have seen and unboxed so far My Unboxing video posted on my youtube account Link here: