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  1. Official V series PSU Club

    Hey guys, made an unboxing video of Coolermaster Cosmos SE and I installed V1000 PSU on it
  2. Cosmos SE unboxing + 360view

    Hi everyone! made an uboxing vid - Cosmos SE + 360view. enjoy watching! =D
  3. Official V series PSU Club

    you're right I've seen lots of good reviews and I'm lucky I was able unbox one
  4. Official V series PSU Club

    Featured on my Youtube channel CM v1000 Unboxing speaking in our local language "tagalog"
  5. Official V series PSU Club

    test fit on my CM n200 Closer look
  6. Official V series PSU Club

    What's up CM Vseries users! I wanna share this badass looking CM V1000 PSU The packaging! out from the box
  7. CPU Cooler Unboxing

    Sharing my unboxing of Cooler Master Seidon 120XL Liquid CPU cooler I must say this is one of the nicest packaging I have seen and unboxed so far My Unboxing video posted on my youtube account Link here: