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  1. Peg Pictures : skyrim dragon Adding some more texture, Dragon Scales
  2. some updates, applied car body filler to outer surface decided to put some texture for the dragon skin sanded down abit, indentations for first texture
  3. time to fiber glass the and make the paper sturdy This is my first time to fiberglass so I hope it turnsout well That's what I love about modding you always learn new things
  4. after alot of cutting, folding and gluing Lets go to the Dragon's Lair
  5. Modelling through papercraft * note will put links of programs used once project is completed
  6. Ok to start off heres the rough concept I came up with parts placement
  7. Reserved for: final pics *link/ list of programs used
  8. Still getting the concept all together in my head... But I can guarantee there's gonna be Fire
  9. modified Hyper 212 in action... Working PRojector with CPU...
  10. custom built Hard disk case LCD board controller, LED Transformer, Enclosed water pump Internal components
  11. Lighting for the side panels Painted the casing metalic balack on the first layer, followed with dull black on the 2nd layer
  12. Making the side panel Cut out some sticker to block the paint Painted back portion metalic black
  13. Assembled case carcass, Will paint this at some point side panels hasn't been made yet Here's the test of the projector parts... all working and NO water LEAKS!!! haha initial Images with Light leaks from the projector ( since casing hasnt been painted yet)