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  1. I worked with the cables for the past days. When i crimped the cables, i also had to make sure that the text got on the backside to hide the ugly text as much as possible. SATA cable was shorted by cutting the connector, shorten the cable, solder the pins and glue it back together. First time i soldered the plug to the card reader PCB it looked really bad, so i fixed that. Not much left! I love the result from the card reader LED mod!
  2. I'm kinda close to finishing this build. I'll let the images speak for them self. I made a video about the installation/assembly process, enjoy. I also exchanged the SMD LEDs on the card reader PCB to white ones. Before: After: I made a video about the soldering process, enjoy it in 1080p.
  3. Some of you might have seen this buildlog on other forums, i will make this buildlog slightly different, just because i have made some changes over the time i will leave out the irrelevant parts(things that i won't use). I created the buildlog the 5th May 2012 but i started designing the case itself one or 2 months before creating the thead. Just because i don't have all the hardware yet(to show a picture) here is a list of hardware i will use: CPU: i7-3770T (or a similair Ivy CPU with low TDP) GPU: HD7750 low profile. Scratch that, i decided to use iGPU in the CPU. RAM: Not decided yet, but some 1,35V memories, preferably with black PCB. MoBo: ASRock Z77E-ITX. (Got it!) PSU: PicoPSU 150-XT DC-DC converter + 120W AC-DC converter. (Got it!) SSD: Intel X25-M G2 80GB. (Got it!) HDD: ~2TB, 3,5" 5400RPM/"Green", probably a WD Green disk. Card Reader: BitFenix USB 3.0 Card Reader. (Got it!) CPU Fan: Cooler Master Excalibur 120mm. (Got it!) CPU Cooler: Prolimatech Samuel 17 (Got it!) I hope i didn't forget anything. So, here we go: Some of you may remember me from L3p L4n build, i designed the Mars II waterblock. Anyways, now I'm making a mITX build for my mom. I'm planning to use a ASRock Z77E-ITX motherboard with a low power Sandy or Ivy CPU, a HD 7750 GPU (Or NVIDIA similarity). This will be a scratch build (pic below) Got myself a package! It is a 150w Pico-PSU and a 120W AC-DC converter. And some connectors and buttons too. So the first thing i did was to exchange some of the connectors on the brand new PSU... I like the result! (More connectors will be exchanged later.) And a package from Nils! Cleaned the caps! Need to buy black dye so i can dye the connector black. Removed the connector so i can dye it! And bought some dye, more on this later. Bought some M2.5 x 6mm screws, they are PERFECT! :thumb: Started building some mysterious box for the build. The mysterious box is almost done! (Need some metal plaster and paint to finish it) Now it is time to uncover it's function, i'll let the series of pics below describe it! So there you go! It is a SSD / Card Reader box combo, just to save some space. I also modified the PCB for the card reader, i soldered some connectors on it so it will be easier to assemble and customize the USB 3.0 header cable. Time to start working on the case itself! I cut out some of the panels for the case (only one left to cut out but i need more material for that) and now i need to bend the panels. Panels bended and assembled. I also recieved some more material so i finished with the bending of the supporting frame for the whole build, every component will be assembled to this frame one way or another. The image above this one is just a cover that can be quickly disconnected (with 12 screws. ). I countersunk the screw holes and put self clinching nuts in the frame so the case can now be fully assembled. Oh, and i put a 120mm fan next to it so you can see the size of it. All i need to do now is to mount the hardware in the frame and drill/cut the air-holes.