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  1. Thanks guys, kind of sad to see it ending though. It has brought out some truly amazing mods/builds this year!
  2. Why is it that no matter how long the deadline is you always try and push it right till the end?! All done Enjoy
  3. Looks great so far, love how you got your inspiration!
  4. Awesome build dude, that's some serious paper folding, model making skills!!! Bet he got some degrading things done to him at the campus party rofl!
  5. Awesome idea mate! can't wait to see it come to life!
  6. Thanks guys and glad to see you have been following on Facebook MooZ I will be getting in all new components for the final build Ch2pa --- I am currently working on converting the plexi concept into a design suitable for sheet metal work. As well as that I am also spending hours and hours trawling the Internet looking for catches, latches, magnets, struts etc
  7. Took a little survey into what colours people liked
  8. Thanks in total from pencil sketch to real life prototype this build has taken around 40 hours. I could probably spend that long now however just working out the latching fixing for the door in the final version!
  9. Possibly one of my favourite build at the moment <3
  10. Thanks dude, the workshop is coming along nicely now! Thanks Gusts, I just need to add the gas springs into the final design so the lid stays up on it's own ---- Been playing about in Photoshop with some colours
  11. I love your build dude and this ones no exception, brilliant how your fitting all the parts into such a small space
  12. First I set up the CNC to mill out the plexi part of the motherboard tray. Bit of a jump now... but here's the assembled motherboard / mid section Next victim is the panel that holds the radiators and also connects the mid section to the base. Hot off the CNC Bit of de-burring and its a quick test fit All together now that 5 day deadline is looking achievable So I'll leave this update with my favourite shot of the day. Sadly you will all have to wait to find out what this block is being turned into Started off by cutting the back panel out of some 5mm black plexi Next it was time to return to that mysterious block of clear plexi from yesterday. Checking to make sure to audio i/o fits back panel screwed on. finally all together contemplating using this piece of smoked plexi for the left top as the PSU should look fairly nice once its all done --- On to the door I made this little fellow out of some white POM and then squeezed a spacer into it to create a bracket for the door to hang on and swivel in. The basic action is shown here in video form, this still needs a bit of work and mainly tightening up but I am waiting for the last delivery of small components Made some support blocks to hold the smoked plexi top in place. Fitted it in and then sanded it flush Trying something a bit different out for the storage mounting Needed to generate some clearance between the radiator and the panel to allow for the 180deg fitting combo I have. Grabbed a scrap piece of 10mm plexi and started hacking it up. just needs a bit more sanding and were done After all that I finally managed to start the painting! unfortunately seeing as I have less than 48 hours to finish and box it all up I will only be able to get in 2 coats and minimal sanding between. Still it should look ok Gloss white base BMW graphite sparkle back Mid section Well that is all the photos I was able to take for the building phase as towards the end it was totally manic! Now that it is finished I can start working on changes that I would like the make to the design and all the "little" things that need to be added. I have gone over most of these in another video. ps; I am no video editor! something I'm working on but still a looong way off
  13. PROJECT LOG Hey there everyone, I have been wanting to get another computer built for a while now but have never been able to find the time! A few weeks ago I was invited to head over to Berlin for the campus party, as soon as I found out I knew that I needed a new case to take with me! Obviously the first part of the log is not as in depth or action packed as I would have liked due to only having around 5 days to finish. this meant that time was at a premium and some pictures had to just wait! This first section of the log covers making the prototype version of K2, this will then be used to work any flaws out and also as a guide for the final build. I have always been a lover of modern and contemporary architecture so when I set out sketching for my next build I knew I wanted to incorporate some of those elements into the shape. I'm also fond of sci-fi so that needed to be in there to. After a few hours of sketching I moved onto sketch up and brought the design into 3D. The K2 concept: Simple in essence, cooled by a single radiator drawing air through the open finned design. I had originally designed this to make use of an AIO cooler but unfortunately that wont be ready in the next week so I'll be installing a standard loop in until then. Again; sorry for the poor pictures I'm just taking them on the phone as I go. First up.. Safety! and a new hat that I can't wear till winter Ok so now a random mixture of images from the last 2 days! Set some tool paths for the CNC And off she goes I'm just using what ever scraps I have left over in the shop for this as its a prototype and I also don't have time to wait on a delivery. Some 10mm stock goes under the mill for some framework. All the fins get a coat of Graphite sparkle spray and then it's a lovely sit down in the garden to assemble. The bottom fin set. The radiator also got a quick coat to help it blend in. Time for a test fit (using my wife as a wonderful assistant)
  14. CURRENT STATUS FINAL SHOTS - STAGE ONE - PROTOTYPE PHASE Videos Testing the prototype door Thoughts walk around