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  1. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    Thanks guys, kind of sad to see it ending though. It has brought out some truly amazing mods/builds this year!
  2. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    Why is it that no matter how long the deadline is you always try and push it right till the end?! All done Enjoy
  3. [Scratch Build] RAZOR BX1 (Completed)

    Looks great so far, love how you got your inspiration!
  4. Scratch build - Iron Man

    Awesome build dude, that's some serious paper folding, model making skills!!! Bet he got some degrading things done to him at the campus party rofl!
  5. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    a very VERY sexy PSU
  6. [Tower-Mod] "Cross-Section" by Paladin

    Awesome idea mate! can't wait to see it come to life!
  7. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    Thanks guys and glad to see you have been following on Facebook MooZ I will be getting in all new components for the final build Ch2pa --- I am currently working on converting the plexi concept into a design suitable for sheet metal work. As well as that I am also spending hours and hours trawling the Internet looking for catches, latches, magnets, struts etc
  8. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    Took a little survey into what colours people liked
  9. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    Thanks in total from pencil sketch to real life prototype this build has taken around 40 hours. I could probably spend that long now however just working out the latching fixing for the door in the final version!
  10. [CoolerMod] ReaperTech V6 - Finished

    Damn that's awesome!! well done dude!
  11. [Scratch Build] Project Eterne

    Possibly one of my favourite build at the moment <3
  12. [Scratch Build] E22 - K2 - Finished

    Thanks dude, the workshop is coming along nicely now! Thanks Gusts, I just need to add the gas springs into the final design so the lid stays up on it's own ---- Been playing about in Photoshop with some colours
  13. [Scratchbuild] HyperMod - Finished

    Looking mighty fine so far Ch2pa!