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  1. Thanks guys, kind of sad to see it ending though. It has brought out some truly amazing mods/builds this year!
  2. Why is it that no matter how long the deadline is you always try and push it right till the end?! All done Enjoy
  3. Looks great so far, love how you got your inspiration!
  4. Awesome build dude, that's some serious paper folding, model making skills!!! Bet he got some degrading things done to him at the campus party rofl!
  5. Awesome idea mate! can't wait to see it come to life!
  6. Thanks guys and glad to see you have been following on Facebook MooZ I will be getting in all new components for the final build Ch2pa --- I am currently working on converting the plexi concept into a design suitable for sheet metal work. As well as that I am also spending hours and hours trawling the Internet looking for catches, latches, magnets, struts etc
  7. Took a little survey into what colours people liked
  8. Thanks in total from pencil sketch to real life prototype this build has taken around 40 hours. I could probably spend that long now however just working out the latching fixing for the door in the final version!
  9. Possibly one of my favourite build at the moment <3
  10. Thanks dude, the workshop is coming along nicely now! Thanks Gusts, I just need to add the gas springs into the final design so the lid stays up on it's own ---- Been playing about in Photoshop with some colours