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  1. And the final stage of the mod Thunderbird 2, with and without the palmtrees swung away.
  2. Most of the time has gone into painting and tweaking the casemod. First of all the pool It had to look nice and shiny blue Fixed into place. Made a holder so it wouldn't drop down when it was extended And a last shot before the final of the swimmingpool Then we started on the buildings. the plate for the roundhouse of Thunderbird 3 This was going to be the dome above the hangarbuilding. Later we removed the bottom part to make that seperately. It looks different in the series then in the movies, so it was a bit hard to see as we used both sources for the views from different angles. Cleo really fell in love with my dremel scrollstation, and even worse, she can handle it a lot better than I can... Building of the roundhouse, with Thunderbird 3 for scale This is the landingstrip for Thunderbird 2 added some sand to make it look more real And installed it on the front. And here is the dome The bottomplate painted The hardware installed on the baseplate. The strips are magnetic strips, so the case can be held in place with neodymiummagnets placed on the bottom. The Cooler Master Hyper 612s fits just under the swimmingpool. It is almost impossible to make a decent picture since there is a case on top of it. Cables run trough the back of the island. The swimming pool installed with tiles, a border, palmtrees and a lot of foliage. Sorry for the blurry shot, I forgot manual focus was on on this picture. Then most of the time went into detailing. I don't have pictures of every small piece of green stuff placed on the case, that would be incredible boring The hangarbuilding and the hangar door installed. The door will be able to open with a small servo, unfortunately the one I have now isn't working, so this will need to be fixed, but it doesn't matter for the looks The diving board above the pool.
  3. Fixed the swimmingpool, the middle part was too thick, now it fits better. The swinging palmtrees will be fixed in 2 pieces of PVCpipe that can rotate. This way they can swing away.
  4. The last update was a while ago. Since then, we have made a bunch of minor changes and things not yet visible on photo's (but they will all fit together in the end as you will see later in this log). In the last few weeks, we have painted the mod after adding enough foam to make it the correct shape. The fist step was painting it brown, as a base finish. It took quite some time to let this paint try on the foam, and as you can see, it doesn't really look very nice jet. After adding some more colors paint it begins to look a lot nicer.
  5. Since the last post we have been working on giving the island more the shape it should, and it slowly starts to look like the Tracy Island. We've removed the cardboard from the inside of the case, and then cut out the swimmingpool. Which was soon inspected carefully by the cat The next step was making a start on the detailling. The top of palmtrees, made with a bunch of plastic plants. Fixing the trunk of the palmtree by carving a piece of wood that was painted brown. The plamtrees already put on the island, to see how they fit. And again, a proper inspection done by one of the cats
  6. To shape the island, I took my old trusty dremel and cut of all the unnecessary bits of the baseplate. Mounted the spacers for the motherboard To give you an idea of the size, the top view of the casemod And a mockup of the setup The baseplate was warpped in clingfoil A cardboard box was used to define the rough size of the system We used a few paint bottles to keep the fanduct open And then we applied building foam And then some more And then even more And with a share knife, it is very easy to cut it into shape
  7. Since I'm still looking for an ATXcase to use for this mod (or better yet, decide if I want a case to use and not just built something), I experimented somewhat with making palmtrees. And so far, it has succeeded quite nicely. Believe it or not, this piece of electrical wire (an old powercable) is going to act as the tree. To make it look a bit more realistic, I wrapped sisalrope around it. Painted it brown, put some leaves on it, et voila, there we have a palmtree.
  8. same here. We still have to post some updates, but the mod was just recently started, so there isn't really much progress. Hopefully someone from Cooler Master can clarify this for us.
  9. I've entered the registration form, but I did not get a confirmation e-mail yet. I've posted the thread for my scratchbuild; viewtopic.php?f=60&t=16150 How can I check if the mod is successfully entered in the competition or not?
  10. As long time Thunderbirdfans we cannot understand there was never a Thunderbirdscasemod built, as far not as we know off. Until know. For this year's Cooler Master competition we've decided to recreate the iconic Tracy Island from the Thunderbirds. This island, located somewhere in the South Pacific is the ideal ground for a casemod, it is full of secrets we can use to house our hardware. The idea is to reacreate the island with the swimmingpool that houses Thunderbird 1, the hangar and launchpad for Thunderbird 2 where a 3.5" HDD will be housed and the round house that covers the launchsilo for Thunderbird 3 will be used as a fanduct for cooling the internal hardware. A quick sketch of how th island should look like. I don't have all the hardware collected yet, but so far I will use the following. A Gigabyte EP45-DS4P Motherboard, with E6750CPU and 2 GB DDR2. A Gigabyte 8500GT Videocard and a Cooler Master Hyper 612s CPUcooler. furthermore a generic DVDplayer or writer, a PSU (I don't have that one handy yet, so I have to look what I have left for this machine). Storage will consist of 3.5" SATAdrives. The swimmingpool will move just like in the series. The DVDplayer will be used for this. It will move the pool as soon as the drive is opened or closed to reveal the CDtray. The palmtrees next to Thunderbird 2s launchpad will be able to swing out of the way, and the tarmac can lifted to reveal the HDDdrive which will be fitted with an eSATA connector to make it possible to remove the drive if necessary. When viewed from the top, it should look something like this. Blue = Motherboard Orange = DVDplayer Green = HDD Black = PSU Yellow = Casefan Red = WiFi antenne
  11. After a long wait, finally an update. I've made a mold for the base of the case from plaster: Added some ducttape to it and then used fiberglass and epoxy to make the base itself This is currently drying in the garage, so hopefully it will be dry when I get home. Here I have the 2 halves of the sphere, covered in fiberglass and epoxy. The finish is going to be very smooth, works much better then expected, and I think I don't have to use a lot of sandpaper to get everything the way I want it to.
  12. I see, I thought it was referring to the BTX formfactor. Bench looks nice, it sure beats my benchsetup ( basically a cardboard box the motherboard came in).
  13. Looks nice but what does it have to do with BTX?
  14. I've been working on the hardware. My Celeron G530 has arrived, so the system is now complete. The final system will consist of the following hardware Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H Celeron G530 2x 2GB ADATA XPG Cooler Master Gemin II M4. 1x Toshiba 750GB 2.5" 3x WD 1TB 3.5" Intel pro1000 NIC FSP 250W PSU I want to mount the motherboard and PSU in the middle of the sphere. So first of all I fixed a piece of MDF wood, about the size of the mainboard. drilled the holes to mount the motherboard and then could only find long bolts... these will do for now, but will be replaced by shorter bolts. The next step was to make the place for the PSU using small pieces of wood. The PSU fits in here perfectly, so it will stay in place. Since it is a proprietary SFF PSU, it has no normal screwholes, so I cannot use screws to keep it in place, without having to open the PSU (which isn't too easy to do, so I think I rather figure out an alternative way to mount it, then breaking my PSU). The PSU mounted, together with the 750GB bootdisk, mounted in an old bracket from a notebook. The toppart of the bracket, to keep it in place, the PSU slides in from above, so it cannot move (unless you hold the system upside down and shake it violently). For the motherboard I made stands, 1CM long, now using somewhat smaller bolts The motherboard is placed on one side, complete with low profile NIC (with it's bracket removed) The otherside houses the PSU and the HDD.