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  1. How so? Oddly - since I moved this machine from a room with laminate floor to one with a cork floor - I haven't had a single oddball shutdown. Without changing a thing. Would obviously love to not go thru the hassle of changing everything out - but if it's worth it.... Thoughts? VP
  2. I cracked open my existing case only to find out it already had the latest "top" complete with ground screw already affixed to the case. Basically - I got a spare top here now with no use for it. VP
  3. I am finally going to replace my top today...see if that makes a difference. VP
  4. How did it work out for you? Just wondering. Just now getting the replacement parts from CM - so we shall see. VP
  5. Had another "reset" this morning and had enough. CM is now shipping me a whole new top panel for this rig. Hopefully that gets me on the right track. VP
  6. After installing the CM690II in Sept 2012 - I have experienced numerous mysterious reset issues with thie case. At first I thought it was my DVD drive or simply touching the front panel anywhere - today I did it again and confirmed the issue. TOuched the case with a tiny little static click and down the system went into reset mode. Had any got any ideas on what to do - or do I have to RMA this thing for a new one. Sad ironic story is I purchased 3 more recently - here's hoping I only got one bad apple in the bunch. Appreciate an update on this. Cheers, VP
  7. I did get a replacement set of pins no long after following the instructions from samoht25 Give that link a click and follow it thru. Didn't cost anything. Cheers, VP
  8. Hello, I have completed the parts request - the request number is: USPR0024762 I look forward to your update. Cheers, VP
  9. Hello, I just purchased a CM 690 II Advanced and I am blown away by the quality. However - the drive pins that come in the 5 drive caddies are a complete PITA. For this new build - I picked up some new Seagate Barracuda drives - the same old same old as I always buy - and when I attempt to install any of these drives (or any others I have laying around) into a drive tray in this new case - ALL the pins are simply too wide to fit properly in any of the screw holes on the hard disks - resulting in 4 "bulging" grommets that renders the caddy impossible to place back into the drive cage. I cannot believe that CM would ship such a thing without first measuring every screw hole on every drive to ensure that the pins actually go all the way in the hole without getting hung up. Anyway - how do I get replacement pins/caddys ets so I can actually use these drive tray properly? Right now I had to take all the rubber grommets off and attach the drives using the two "normal" access holes mid drive body. It works - but I paid good money for this unit and I would like to get my proper value out of it. Any help on how to get the proper pins/grommets etc would be appreciated. Cheers, VP