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  1. Aaaaaaah,exelent work my friend,keep up the good work,as alaways!
  2. Whell,i can say that my project is 100% finished,so i presenting you a totaly finished BLACK AND BLUE PROJECT!!!!!!! P.S.-warninng,a lot of photos incoming!!!
  3. Now,just a few litle tihing before great finish of this project led strip a piece of darkened plexiglass and powdercoated GPU bracket That is it for now people,see you soon with a final photo-session
  4. Making a custom logo... ....and done!!my custom black & blue logo!
  5. its a mate-black foil,cuted on litle circles,and then just taped on the capacitors if you can understand me,my english is very bad
  6.,i must create some custom logo for this project,put some white led-stripes into the interior.....just a few litle thing to do before the end
  7. Hello my friends!I wanna show you a 90% finished work on my Black&Blue project,just a litle pre-final foto session,hope you like it
  8. again,thank you my friends,i hope you like the rest of the worklog some caps must be darkened meghalem in bumper black edition and just a litle teaser:
  9. Thank you my friends!! time to paint some screws: first layer of primer: and then black bumper spray: and some custom black sticker are created beauty is in detail...
  10. thank you! so,here we go,after fantastic powdercoating,is time to put all things together,and the result ar: full minimall black RC690!!!!!
  11. thank you,i do my best to make this project very sexy look