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  1. Very creative! the textures and details are absolutely fantastic!! loved!!
  2. Nice comments PaPagant, nice comments! Hey Nick, you got 1 point (as well the other completed mods) in my voting criteria. You finished before the deadline, it needs to be in count, **EDITED** in my VERY PERSONAL opnion.
  3. In my opnion, a deadline extension is always a fresh breeze in a h e l l of delays. In the DIY world, the Murphy's law is always flying over your head. We know that something that looks ridiculously simple can turn in a nightmare in minutes and then, goodbye schedule!! My current status is: 'absolutely dead' for this year, but a 10-day extension could bring me to the contest, specially because I finished a big project (in my job) yesterday, and I will have some free time for the next two months! aleluia!! Let's see the poll. Anyway, big congrats for all contestants!! really great projects this year! My vote is: Yes!! more time (and health) for the modders!!!
  4. I was reading the posts and saw the examination issue, thanks god everything is ok my big friend!!! i called you today, but a little girl said that you wasn't there. After a Solar Storm the Lunar Serenity is coming to show us the true brilliant old school mod!! I will keep my eyes on it!! See you my brother, Kholl.
  5. wow! this year the contest is very organized!! congrats CM once again! It's very nice to see the evolution since 2004! I can see this year we have awesome entries. I would love to participate, let's see.... Congrats for the early participants, great incentive! Kholl.
  6. Hi Zhukart!!! Congrats my brother!! you deserve!!! i'm a big fan of Vergillius!!! you are the guy Hope to be with you here next year!!
  7. Congrats Luciano!!! Lumina is really awesome!!! fantastic project!!! definitely deserves the 1st. place! Enjoy the prizes!!!! See you next year
  8. I will get the dvd soon. Yes, it will be a laptop drive, but the slot load version. Thanks my bro Jader!!! ... A little update: PS: All thumbnails (1024x768) VFD wiring and some tests. Soldering the pin headers for serial interface: Done: Creating cable and connectors (temporary cable only for test): VCC and Ground (note that in the final version i will use the molex of the psu to provide it, instead this switching psu that I'm using for test the VFD): Little mod in the connector case and it's done: Female for power suply: Done: Time to test: Some shots: PS: Unfortunately, The camera doesn't capture the real image of the display. The real image are very clear, soft, amazing contrast and bright and filters works perfectly. Original green (without filter): Blue filter: Amber filter: White filters (really didn't see any differences between 727 and 742): Using another white balance of the cam to capture: :thumb:
  9. Hi Fireheart! thanks for your suggestions! very nice idea, but, as Maxession said, I already have the main components, includding the Power Supply. Of course, the idea to use external components is nice, but, in this case, the only part outside the case will be the wall adapter (like in notebooks, the wall adapter is outside the case), and of course, keyboard, mouse, video, etc... This is the first layout I thought (I didn't include the dvd drive): Of course I will try another alternativies. Note that I'm a CM enthusiast since 1998 (or 1997...) I really would love use CM products in this project, but CM still doesn't have a small form factor line (not yet i guess!). But, to compensate it, I'm already creating a new project to participate of the contest, I hope to use very nice CM products in this new one. In fact it's an old project which I never had 'courage' to start, but, let's see it now.
  10. Hello CM folks, I started this project last year, but due time problems, I had to stop. Now I'm ready to go ahead again. It calls 'NanoTribute', it's a kind of a 'Thank you VIA' to make such nice and tiny x86 based pc. I would like to thank VIA and specially VIA Latin America to send me two of these babies: VIA Epia N and VIA Epia NL. It will be a simple case, from scratch, and the plan is to create the front panels in a way which you could change between skins easily. I made some photoshop previews just to show the look: The default skin: The I/O door: Inside the case: Some skins (thumbnails): I took some pics of the EPIA's: Epia N: 1Ghz Luke CoreFusionâ„¢ CPU: VIA VT8237R-series South Bridge: RCA connector for SPDIF or Video Out (by jumper), S-Video, VGA, 5.1 audio or Mic/LineIn/LineOut (by Software), RJ-45 and USB: SODIMM DDR-400, up to 1GB: Mini-pci slot at the bottom: We can't live without it!: Oh yes, SATA! Epia NL: RJ-45, vga, ps/2 and usb by cable: The NL comes with an additional FAN input: Big heatsinks: Time to fly... Setup: 2) 2,5" Seagate Momentus HDD (80gb): Normal HDD vs. 2,5" HDD (space is good): 3) 120w PicoPSU: 4) 128x32 dot matrix Noritake's VFD: 5) 110v-12v AC/DC (5a): 6) Sunon's 40mm Fan (really silent): 7) IDE 44 to 40 pins Adapter: 8 ) Optic filters for VFD (Thanks PSC from Denmark to send these samples): It really change the VFD colors. I will show the effects later. 9) Card reader : 10 ) I/O Panel I left this idea, too big, i will put the audio and usb front ins in another way 11 ) Standard IDE cable 12 ) Silicon keyboard: Really compact: Time to test: Still very small even with the parts: Ready to go: The picoPSU show two status (smd leds): (Green: Standby and Red: Working): The original 40mm Fan which comes with the heatsink is pettry quiet, almost the same noise level of the Sunon. The Windows (XP pro) was very easy, no surprises. Some screenshots for whom love specs, infos, etc... (800x600 thumbs): Well, next step will be the VFD wiring and test, I will post it later! Hope you like this little project! any suggestions will be very very welcome See you soon, Kholl. ps: I will not participate of the 2007 CM Contest with this project, no way to put 5 CM products inside it
  11. Loved the theme. Wargames really was an important movie in my life. Congrats to pick it ID! 'Shall we play a game?'