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  1. Hey guys! Please tell me one thing. Can you see the pics? Thanks
  2. Here are some final shots of the complete build. Hope you like it! Only noticed the plexi off it's place in the photos Sorry One more time, thank you all for your support! Really appreciate it!
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Just a quick update. I painted my "Handbrake Prototype" And placed it Tomorrow will likely post some final pics of the build. I want to make some new stuff, and update the hardware, but that will take some time, so I'm finishing here the project. Maybe later, when I get a job I'll make some updates. Thank you all for all the support!
  4. Hey guys! So, yesterday i did some progress in the "extras" :thumb: Found this little box, and that gave me an idea ...So started drilling And a little more dremmel work Glued a switch in the inside with some PVC (This is only a prototype, so I didn't work in small details) The found this cable management tube...Perfect Cutted and drilled, and started assembling And finally... ..put some tape in it, just for the bling and boom. my new handbrake It's connected to an old gamepad board. I will make a nice PCB for it, and remove that cable coming from the inside What do you guys think?
  5. One more update! Changed the 7 segment to the correct one, a little programming, and the board is working! Did a quick video with my phone: More news soon What do you think?
  6. One more update Today I'm working on this: But It isn't working as I planned The serial communication isn't working that well, so the program in the video it's only a simulation. Also, the 7-segment display needs to be changed. I bought a Common Cathode one and the store send me a Common Anode. Only noticed when turn the board and the display went on holidays
  7. This is really good! Fantastic Work Congrats!
  8. Hey Guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, but finnaly found a temporary job, and had no time for the project Meanwhile, had a problem with the FAN Controller. The problem is that my Cooler Master Fans don't like the PWM control at all, and they make a really loud buzz. So, after a little messing with PWM frequencies in the Arduino, ended with this: Still not perfect, so I need to change it to work without PWM, and still need to make the program to controll it without need to type the values all the time
  9. So, first let me say I'm sorry because I don't have any new photos or updates, but I want to tell you some stuff about what I'm working The "mod project" itself it's practically done. Now I just need to finish the little "extras" I've already talk about...I will make a Handbrake (Rally/Drift style, next to the Gearbox), a Gear and RPM light, and a Button Box, for extra buttons. Maybe later a better hardware, but not for now. Another thing that people ask me about it's the monitor stand. I have a new project for a better monitor stand, with VESA mounting. That way, I can have different monitors. And this will allow me to have triple monitors too. But I will not build that for now. Need to find a job first Meanwhile, I've been working on another "toy". A homemade CNC, and will use it to make some small stuff for this project And one more time, Thank you all for your feedback!
  10. Carbon Fiber looks really good I'll stay tuned for the updates