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  1. Case Mod World Series 2017 STARTS NOW !!!

    April 1st – Final submissions opens What is this, my casemod is done, do i need to register final pictures somewhere?
  2. Bastion

    Last weekend i tested Bastion the whole weekend and everything is stable and working great while playing, Looking forward to use it at LAN-Parties
  3. Bastion

    First you take out the two locking pins. then slide the cover out. There is the ASrock Beebox-s motherboard. The cover under the motherboard has an Coolermaster fan for extra cooling since the beebox-s gets very hot while gaming. The motherboard has a very tight fit and can only be removed by pressing the back of it up and then the front down.
  4. Bastion

    will take some pictures tomorrow but you can see the motherbord on the first page.
  5. Bastion

    Bastion from the computergame Overwatch. Fully 3D Printed with 259 printed parts. Over 500 hours of printing with my Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen. Computer specs: - Intel i5-6200U - 8GB DDR4 - M.2 SSD 256 GB - Intel HD 520 - Coolermaster fan for extra colling Bastion has a rotating head controlled by a Arduino Nano with a servo and is able to speak (soundFX from the game)
  6. Project Scorpio

    Nice, looking forward to see more of this
  7. Bastion

  8. Bastion

    Full worklog can also be found on my webpage: Vang1.net
  9. Bastion

    Bastion is now done, here is the final product: Here is a video: Attched some highres pictures:
  10. Bastion

    Bastion is powered on with a remote Picture from the first Overwatch play test Overwatch is playable with Medium graphic settings, but had to run it on Low settings to get a smoother and better FPS. The Builtin graphic adapter is a Intel HD 520, but works Turret added. The red,orange and black cable is for the servo Added a coolermaster fan for better air flow. will drill some small holes under the fan after i have mounted a temperature sensor. Added Arduino, MusicAngel and Mp3 module for speech and head movement. (does not look so good, but its working :P) 3Watt speaker added. Allso did some cable management.
  11. Bastion

    The displaystand im working on, it have a LCD screen on top, showing sponsors and a glowing Overwatch logo in the bottom.
  12. Bastion

    This small servo will be used to move his head This servo is controlled by a Arduino Nano. This will be programmed so his head moves every 5 minutes. Video of the servo mounted and working:
  13. Bastion

    A part of the turrect is done. Also painted one of his hands hopefully his other hand with machinegun will be done tomorrow and mounted to his body His arm is now attached, still missing his shoulder
  14. Bastion

    One of his legs are now sanded and sprayed with primer. Ready for painting Leg done painting: Some progress on his body and head. This is there the computer will be mounted. started to paint his torso, still some details here and there missing, but its starting to take shape
  15. Bastion

    Bastion gun and turret done printing. ready for sprayfiller, sanding and then primer and be painted in gunmetall black Machinegun done: Testing light in his head: