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  1. April 1st – Final submissions opens What is this, my casemod is done, do i need to register final pictures somewhere?
  2. Last weekend i tested Bastion the whole weekend and everything is stable and working great while playing, Looking forward to use it at LAN-Parties
  3. First you take out the two locking pins. then slide the cover out. There is the ASrock Beebox-s motherboard. The cover under the motherboard has an Coolermaster fan for extra cooling since the beebox-s gets very hot while gaming. The motherboard has a very tight fit and can only be removed by pressing the back of it up and then the front down.
  4. will take some pictures tomorrow but you can see the motherbord on the first page.
  5. From the album Bastion

    First test of overwatch, its playable at low settings, CPU at 45c
  6. From the album Bastion

    Intel i5-6200U 8GB DDR m.2 SSD 256 GB Coolermaster fan Intel HD 520.
  7. From the album Bastion

  8. From the album Bastion

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