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  1. !!!!WOOW!!!! the design looks great, and yes, 7 days for a mod like this is crazy but possible. Good look ne(V)esis... waiting for more advances
  2. Hi guys. My name is Antonio, I´m from México and this is my first time in an international competition of modding. The first idea for this mod, comes to me when a saw this picture This mod will be made of fiberglass and I will use an old ugly case that I found This mod will contain inside: - ASUS CROSSHAIR IV - Phenom II 965 BE - 8 GB CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM 2133 MHz - EK Waterblock SUPREME HF 240 - Coolermaster Silent Pro 850W - 2 x Caviar Black RAID0, 2 x Kingston ssd Now 30GB Raid0 - RADEON HD 6970 - NZXT SENTRY 2 First, I remove the top lid and made some cuts This is all for the moment, but soon more pics. Stay tuned