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  1. I'm going to build a Stay Puft from the movie Ghostbusters. The white clay is in, now I need to make a mold from paper mache or styrofoam. I'll keep you posted
  2. I'm really looking forward working on this project This week we'll post more pictures of the progress
  3. Last layer of fiberglas: removing the mold: today I'm cutting the windows and doors yes I know I need to hurry for the finish
  4. How are you doin' with your project?
  5. mold and platter Cable for optical and hard drive all cables are shorter first layer of the fiber: Because of the ugly parts I scour the mold underneath and the wheels fixing corners 2nd layer of fiber I designed some stickers for the dashboard: inspiration: design: inspiration: design:
  6. An update: Allot is happened since the last time, so I'll start at the beginning. The mold: Shaving the mold: For a better shape I'd put some clay on it: A huuuuge setback: A new and much better start: The hardware: Construction for the optical and the hard drive: PSU:
  7. Another update: To make all sides the same size I'm using a cutout. After a lot of complaining, yelling and killing everybody who had a comment is this the cutting result so far: Next I cut out the wheel well: For filling up the holes and smoothing I used plaster: As you can see, the mold is getting it's shape
  8. Same project I'm doing
  9. update: I started with the mold: I lowered the optical drive so I have more space in the cabin. I found some wheels: The ground plate is ready: this is how it looks so far:
  10. I'm building for my "old" hardware a new case in the shape of a Volkswagen T1 van. this is the idea: first fase is the hardware on the groundplate of MDF: I'm using the coolermaster X dream i117 cpu cooler. extra info: - the bumper is going to be a optical drive. - eject button for the optical drive is in the wheel - powerbutton in the VWlogo - resetbutton in the gastank - head en tail lights are leds - the case will be build in a mold and finished with fiberglass inbuild hardware: MSI 7529 motherboard Intell E8200 4 GIG DDR 2 CPU coolermaster x dream i117 Enermax liberty 550 W Seagate 1TB Hitatashi Deskstar 320 GB Optical drive X1900 videocard