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  1. mat.crzf1

    Water Alien Rebirth - BR

    i was hopinng that i would find some news here, since the forum clubedohardware is down, but nop but i will wait for more keep on rocking
  2. mat.crzf1

    Water Alien Rebirth - BR

    as said in the forum clube do hardware: THAT TUBE IS AWESOME, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!
  3. mat.crzf1

    Project: Aquamedia

    great job
  4. mat.crzf1


    AWESOME work and even better hardware!!!! those leds on the back are just great
  5. mat.crzf1

    Project: Visual Illusions

  6. mat.crzf1

    Project: Visual Illusions

    cant wait to see it done, especially the nvidia one (i like the grees plexi more)
  7. mat.crzf1

    Battlestar Galactica Mod: Complete!

    cant wait tosee it started good luck
  8. mat.crzf1

    Water Alien Rebirth - BR

    i cant get tired seeing the front acrylic panel, its beautyfull but you wont let the dvd drive, the cooldrive and the yellow one in those collors right???? you paint them into one color?
  9. mat.crzf1

    Mr. Kholl's BlueTrack #1 (+ pics)

    mannnn that case is outstanding!!!!! those musketeer extensions are awesome good to see a brasilian doing these works you and pedro rocks
  10. mat.crzf1

    Water Alien Rebirth - BR

    really cool this case cant wait to see the project done what color will it be?