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  1. Mr Null

    Limited Space

    Nice to meet you too, just had a read through your build its very cool.
  2. Mr Null

    Limited Space

    Final part of rebuild l Was going to have a gunmetal grey colour on the outside of the case but went for a silver more like it was originally, very happy with how it came out All finshed, Thanks for viewing One last picture
  3. Same problem here, emailed my details but no confirmation yet.
  4. Mr Null

    Limited Space

    Forgot the rest of the hardware ocz ssd 120gb shown before coolermaster tx3 evo
  5. Mr Null

    Limited Space

    More.... Fan mount bit more air flow Hardware GTX 760 itx Silverstone 450watt sfx Athlon x4 860 Asrock fm2a88x itx and hyper x fury Paint!! Work in progress Lots of bits Last minute idea, was going to have perspex side panels bit changed my mind and ended up with these Out with the silver in with the black Got rid of the red on the graphics card too Rebuild!!
  6. Mr Null

    Limited Space

    Big update Stripped the case down Find a Usb 3 header in a spare case going to upgrade the firewire in the front panel took the inner frame of the case into work to get it cut and welded as soon as I got home i got right on making the other case parts fit new size Next up was motherboard tray Cut the feet down Tested fitted the top panel More pictures of the motherboard tray Making size for power supply Cut the rear panel Made up some cover panels to hide the cables Nearly forgot to give the power supply some air ssd mounting
  7. Mr Null

    Limited Space

    Hello All, I plan to use Coolermaster Stacker 830 for this project. Little background, just moved into my first house and now have my own man cave only problem is its a little small, So the plan is to shrink the size of the Stacker down to mini itx. Done this before on few others cases but on easier cases with less parts. For now just a pic.
  8. Final able to get some work done on my project been busy at work started cuttting and mounting of motherboard tray not 100% happy with the tray, still needs abit of work.
  9. Update Time Cut the back panel down Then on to the bottom Quick mock up to show the size And with the front panel And last the top Top in place Thats all for now, Thanks for looking
  10. Hello all, My mod is based on the Rc 690 case and my goal is to make a mini itx version of it. Hardware i'll be using- Gigabyte Ga-H55N-USB3 Intel i5 760 Crucial Ballistic 2x2Gb Not sure if i'm going to use to cpu cooler pictured yet Samsung F1 1Tb WD Raptor x 150Gb Corsair Force 60gb Sapphire HD 4890 Corsair Hx650 Current progress ODD and HDD bays out Case completely dismantled Thanks for looking, More soon.