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  1. RAGE

    Hi, i'm MooZ from Colombia. This project will use a Elite 130 mini itx case, with some ideas on the way.
  2. RAGE

    Don't miss it! Check the vid...
  3. RAGE

    Finally... At time. I can´t decide which color use to iluminate so... why not rgb? Here is the result. Hope you enjoy it! Ignitioooooonnnnn!!! Special thanks to AVEXIR... This is just awesome. The plasma effect is so nice and product itself becomes a wonderful.
  4. RAGE

    More details... The mixed color for Sleeving: White, gray and Black. Testing the lights, first at bottom, but on top has better results. finally, the damaged fan on front... the intake airflow will ensure the good work of the cpu cooler.
  5. RAGE

    Found an old webcam... some transformation to super cannon D: A few details, paint, airbrush and misc...
  6. RAGE

    Paint it white!!... and other colors D:
  7. RAGE

    working on top
  8. RAGE

    Updating the front... The best part, most of the pieces are recycled from previous works, only with a jigsaw gives the shape needed.
  9. RAGE

    As result of moving the PSU, the existing hole had to be cover in some way. i take advantage of the space to place a 80mm fan, helping to extract the hot air from the cpu cooler. Of course, not only that but a few details to match the theme. found some tube fittings in the garbage... i guess it will has a second life.
  10. RAGE

    A cool project deserves a cool logo
  11. Project eknaw saylenshu

  12. RAGE

    some misc, and setting the support for the psu.
  13. RAGE

    Housing the psu... just the husk for now, it must support all the weight
  14. RAGE

    While i think what to do with the cooler, some cuts for the case let me think about some ideas... checking the space for a sided-psu and new look for front.
  15. RAGE

    Tired of the old look of my cooler, i decide to give it a new shape. So, here is the new V6 GT D: Still missing some details... For a little inspiration later.
  16. Project VEGA

  17. Julias Madness

    Looking good!!
  18. Elite Rog Edition

    Best thing at all, made by hand. Awesome job!!!
  19. KLONDIKE Pure Gold Case Mod 2015

    Hope all of these picts worth the casemod
  20. "Like Bruce Wayne" by FrostMod /CM690III

    i like it!! are you planning to paint the metal sheet? Waiting for liquid fill too, that indicator looks nice
  21. Post-apocalyptic future story written by Masbuskado: Year 2099, the opprezzors rule the world while a few still resist. 40+ hours of 2d/3d design on CorelDraw and Rhino3d with a few version updates, this machine seek for rebels to finally end any resistance. Hardware: MSI E350ia SSD Kingston v300+ 3D Render: The final picts, Red 'n Black theme with white lights, hope you like it! New parts:
  22. Coming from you is a big honor, thanks bill! Here is where all the work ends... few months of sketching, modifications, reviews from friends and updates, help me to build this project to reality. Thinking in build some thing different for the common square shapes, the idea evolves thinking in a combination of an aircraft with human skeletal forms, using the hardware advantage for supports and combine them (hdd, cables, switches), as part of the general theme. First scratch for me, but not the last, haunted for explore new unconventional designs. The final picts, Red 'n Black theme with white lights, hope you like it! Cheers
  23. Co-Working with blitz, this project is back to life, since i failed in its build one year ago. My own version of sovietic kirov airship from Red Alert 2, now with hardware integrated and some cool features from original design. CONCEPT VIDEO: RENDER: Final pics:
  24. Some fancy work, between the project and the idea hehe More pics, here is possible to see the access gate to the hardware.
  25. Final pics are here. As i planned, project objectives was accomplish succesful and i enjoyed building it. To be a big platform is lightweight, robust and easy to carry. The better part i think is the cheap construction (less than $30) and the unconventional design. I feel happy since, the first version was builded with so many problems and unknowing things for my inexperience, giving a failed result. As a memory of my old times playing red alert 2, i really want to build this airship and now with the help of 3d software, i was able to make it. Cheers and good luck to all!