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  1. Reserved...
  2. Best thing at all, made by hand. Awesome job!!!
  3. Hope all of these picts worth the casemod
  4. i like it!! are you planning to paint the metal sheet? Waiting for liquid fill too, that indicator looks nice
  5. Coming from you is a big honor, thanks bill! Here is where all the work ends... few months of sketching, modifications, reviews from friends and updates, help me to build this project to reality. Thinking in build some thing different for the common square shapes, the idea evolves thinking in a combination of an aircraft with human skeletal forms, using the hardware advantage for supports and combine them (hdd, cables, switches), as part of the general theme. First scratch for me, but not the last, haunted for explore new unconventional designs. The final picts, Red 'n Black theme with white lights, hope you like it! Cheers
  6. Some fancy work, between the project and the idea hehe More pics, here is possible to see the access gate to the hardware.
  7. Final pics are here. As i planned, project objectives was accomplish succesful and i enjoyed building it. To be a big platform is lightweight, robust and easy to carry. The better part i think is the cheap construction (less than $30) and the unconventional design. I feel happy since, the first version was builded with so many problems and unknowing things for my inexperience, giving a failed result. As a memory of my old times playing red alert 2, i really want to build this airship and now with the help of 3d software, i was able to make it. Cheers and good luck to all!
  8. Minor update. Some cool stuff from Asus & Thermaltake Colombia for the project. The impact VI looks really awesome and goes sweet inside. Vinyl logos for the PSU sides and fix the fans to the water. I made this vid, showing the features of the concept builded in this worklog.
  9. The fifth and last update include the hard disk bays and cool bombs at bottom. Thinking in a good place for the hdd, the option for two drives and an easy installation; the observation port has an adequate space and good location. SATA cables could go hidden, the place provides quick conections and fit in the theme. First, testing if there was enough room between the wood parts, later how many disk could be put and finally the position for installation. For bombs, i was undecided if build a 3d bomb (like the ones in the renders), but thinking, fits better using the same style of the airship... So was build in this way. And the flight test...
  10. Despite the render images at the first post, that was not the unique idea before building the project. The sketch went trough 5 stages, each one with modifications, in order to improve the overall design (Weight, stability, space, etc). The 4th update includes the last post (supports), and this one, which thinking in an airship shape, was necessary add movement engines just for look, i meant not for cooling. The point was search for an adequate size of the fans and support itself, not affect the moving parts (chasis access), or the ribs. The accurate size was 80mm, total of five of them, which located 2 in the front, 2 more in the back and one in top. After the sketches was done, the wood was lasercut and assembled. The color combination chosen before, the metallic yellow for the fans. While the top fan was fixed direct to the rib, the other four were fix using screws. At same time while i'm sketching, always have in mind if some time i'll need ship the mod to some event, so make it separable for easier shipping has my attention. The ribs and the circles has a press fit; the hardware, supports and now the engines, uses screws to fit too. Two sockets more for led switches at larboard
  11. An easy support to fix the psu, the screws come out from the top and go through the central part, leaving room for the main board screws too. Later painting the psu with the same color of all project, for add later some logos. With all the main holes done, time for the first assembly. Checking stability and weight. Here there is enough space for hard disk, just an idea which i gonna sketch later. Time for paint, at the end i chose the metallic black-yellow combination from renders. The coolermaster Sickleflow now to kirov fans, leaving only the center and cut a new support for it. Cheers!
  12. While i was sketching, i was only focus on the body of the project, but completely forgot the supports. When the time came, was a hard task for me design this part and improvise with other kind of supports, diferent from the project theme. Talking to one friend, he says that i should use the same design from "kirov airship" to make the supports. Thanks to him i could finally draw it and integrate to the design. I guess an external point of view is always a big help. Printed and ready to cut. After that, the fix points for screws and an accurate width for stability. Happy new year!
  13. In Blitz labs, the characteristic shape of an airship, this time skeletical without any cover. Through the design, the cylindrical shape can be used to increase the airflow and have better cooling results. The first idea was include 120mm fans inside, but the size of the project helps to use a 200mm fan, which looks much better. Updating the sketches, time to lasercut. The material, wood has 3mm thick so, is lighter and more flexible for assembly. Looking for 120mm fans, can be a good idea use an all-in-one liquid cooling. The 200mm fan, fixed to the material, only the essential parts. Merry Christmas!
  14. Awesome project, looks very impressive and gold haha btw congrats for win the asus gold rush!