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  1. any upadate on the number ts? will I get overnight shipping ::crosses fingers::
  2. any hope on the psu shipping out by this week???
  3. if I could I would but i'm broke right now don't have an extra 200+ dollars to spend... I think coolermaster should upgrade my 850 to 1k for making me wait so long if not will I atleast get 1 day shipping when it is finally there
  4. I have to wait 2 more weeks?!?!?!?! a whole month for rma process wth?
  5. any estimated date when they get to your hq ? i'm only missing the psu to try out the comp thanks for the quick replies ts
  6. hmm how much longer before they send it back? it was delivered with ups on 3/30 thanks
  7. how long does it usually take for them to send the psu back after they recieve the rma?
  8. I just ram'ed the psu lets hope they send me the updated one with the 80's plus sticker on it
  9. yes I have all the latest drivers for my chipset, bios , video sound, etc. I even have the 97.95 drivers for the 8800 gtx which some evga tech support guy got from nvidia to try if it would fix the problem I just keep bsoding whenever I play a game nameley oblivion and counterstrike source... alot of other people are having this problem too not sure what psu there using though here check this thread out ... C_ID=29655
  10. is it normal that whenever I play a game it bsod's with the nvdisp.dll is this part of the issue of the old batch of psu's ... my specs are evga 680i 8800 gtx 2x1 gb g.skill memory ddr2 800mhz and the e6600 2.4 ghz I crash everytime I play a game
  11. If you're in US, please contact I just found the rma link and filled out the form and forwarded the reciept do I still hav eto contact customer support? .. well I'll just send them an email for a headsup thanks