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  1. grats... you got 2nd place... definitely a good design!
  2. Cooler Master ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE COOLER MASTER MOD CONTEST 2012 Tower Mod 1st place: Titanium PC by Paul Tan 2nd place: *ATCS 840 PoLoMoD by PoLoMoD *Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK by kier 3rd place: *CM Test Bench V2 by Ace_finland *Starscr3am by tantric *Ducati Trooper by Raiden73 Scratch Mod 1st place: Opprezzor: Annihilation Squad by masbuskado 2nd place: *Self-evolution by Kitson Chan *RAZOR by kharr 3rd place: *Dreadclaw by Soul-i-Doll *The Black Sphere V2 by Scynd *The Next Level by Paslis Cooler Mod 1st place: Abstract Cooler by Alex "AnG3L" Ftoulis 2nd place: SKULLER N620 by CDO Thanks to all modders who entered and everybody who voted. See you next year. came from cooler master facebook
  3. @sir paultan... tomorrow is the last day.. hope you make it in time
  4. drooooool! all those components and modding tools... droooool!
  5. due to many problems came, i couldn't finish my Cooler MOD. good luck to all that participated in this contest.
  6. i think i'll gonna cry every time you cut those brandnew PC parts... btw very unique nice MOD dude! suggestion... i think you should consider using WATER JET for cutting those...
  7. wow.. nice craftsmanship! nice details too.. i wish i have those equipment's too..
  8. nice work..... i wish i have those tools too.. hehe are you gonna use PCIE riser for your Graphic Cards?? if yes - its not advisable to use riser on high-end/power Graphic Cards.. or test it first..
  9. i always wanted to join CM Case Mod Competition but i don't have good equipment and awesome high-end hardware's for CASE Modding but i'm happy because of the new category (COOLER MOD) -because the cost is cheaper hehe i have a cooler lying around CM Hyper 612 pwm there are so many ideas going on my mind on how to mod this thing. yet i can't finalize well i hope i can finish it on time.. i'll post my work log anytime soon
  10. @clarkie nice mod. i think i't will look nicer/ cleaner if all the cables at are the back.
  11. you can use the Raspberry Pi as your main board.. lol
  12. whooooaah HUGE BOARD with 4 physical processors x4 cores!
  13. very nice mod.. i checked your first mod. annihilation squad. good craftsmanship. by the way what king of pump did you use there and and whats the spec?