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  1. tnecniv102

    (SCRATCH BUILD)Self-evolution

    grats... you got 2nd place... definitely a good design!
  2. tnecniv102

    winners announced :D

    Cooler Master ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE COOLER MASTER MOD CONTEST 2012 Tower Mod 1st place: Titanium PC by Paul Tan 2nd place: *ATCS 840 PoLoMoD by PoLoMoD *Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK by kier 3rd place: *CM Test Bench V2 by Ace_finland *Starscr3am by tantric *Ducati Trooper by Raiden73 Scratch Mod 1st place: Opprezzor: Annihilation Squad by masbuskado 2nd place: *Self-evolution by Kitson Chan *RAZOR by kharr 3rd place: *Dreadclaw by Soul-i-Doll *The Black Sphere V2 by Scynd *The Next Level by Paslis Cooler Mod 1st place: Abstract Cooler by Alex "AnG3L" Ftoulis 2nd place: SKULLER N620 by CDO Thanks to all modders who entered and everybody who voted. See you next year. came from cooler master facebook
  3. tnecniv102


    nice wicked cooler!
  4. tnecniv102


    @sir paultan... tomorrow is the last day.. hope you make it in time
  5. drooooool! all those components and modding tools... droooool!
  6. tnecniv102

    CM hyper 612 MOD

    due to many problems came, i couldn't finish my Cooler MOD. good luck to all that participated in this contest.
  7. tnecniv102

    [Tower-Mod] "Cross-Section" by Paladin

    i think i'll gonna cry every time you cut those brandnew PC parts... btw very unique nice MOD dude! suggestion... i think you should consider using WATER JET for cutting those...
  8. tnecniv102

    [Scratch Build] - The Next Level FINISHED

    wow.. nice craftsmanship! nice details too.. i wish i have those equipment's too..
  9. tnecniv102

    VW Samba Matx Project

    hehe nice...
  10. tnecniv102


    nice work..... i wish i have those tools too.. hehe are you gonna use PCIE riser for your Graphic Cards?? if yes - its not advisable to use riser on high-end/power Graphic Cards.. or test it first..
  11. tnecniv102

    CM hyper 612 MOD

    i always wanted to join CM Case Mod Competition but i don't have good equipment and awesome high-end hardware's for CASE Modding but i'm happy because of the new category (COOLER MOD) -because the cost is cheaper hehe i have a cooler lying around CM Hyper 612 pwm there are so many ideas going on my mind on how to mod this thing. yet i can't finalize well i hope i can finish it on time.. i'll post my work log anytime soon
  12. tnecniv102

    Scratch Build - Bumblejeep

    @clarkie nice mod. i think i't will look nicer/ cleaner if all the cables at are the back.
  13. tnecniv102

    Scratch Build - Project: Codename-C

    you can use the Raspberry Pi as your main board.. lol
  14. tnecniv102

    [Scratchbuild] Aurora-Design's Quadb0x

    whooooaah HUGE BOARD with 4 physical processors x4 cores!
  15. tnecniv102

    OPPREZZORS: Annihilation Squad Member No. 2

    very nice mod.. i checked your first mod. annihilation squad. good craftsmanship. by the way what king of pump did you use there and and whats the spec?