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  1. It is slowly getting there..! New cooling blocks for the 690's coming during next week !
  2. A bit slow in the project at the moment as i'm still waiting for parts frpm Watercool.. Will probably get the stuff with in a week or two..
  3. Updated with a gorgeous Titanium & Carbon slip-on silencer. KTM-Scandinavia helped out !
  4. Definetly a bit strange, but the best brand and the best model series (KTM & 690) would explain it ! Nice to know some one else got the best of taste ! Bigsweede
  5. Thank U ! Agree. Orange, Black & Chrome.. The best..!
  6. Got another little hobby called Road Racing.. And i'm also competing in Nordic KTM-690 Cup, a part of Nordic Supermono Cup. Need a new "Fat-Rig" for my fightsimulator project so i just thougt.. why not build it with a racing theme in mind ? So.. Roadracing (and racing in genaral), my KTM690-SMR are the inspiration to this mod. KTM = Orange, Black, White & Chrome.. Racing = Carbon details, Titanium and Aluminum components.. So lets do it ! Spec at the moment.. Chassi: Cooler Master Cosmos II MB: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme (LGA 2011) Proc: Intel i7 3930K RAM: 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 Quad Chanel GPU: 2 x ASUS GTX690 (It's a 690 mod dam'it !) PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 1300 W MB-Block EK-FB Asus RE4 AN CPU-Block :EK CU- HF Cooler EK 3x120 + 1x180 Magi Cool Pump: 2 x Laing DDC-PRO Reservoir EK Flow 2,5" Fan controller: Aquaero 5 Pro (for fans, Temp, Flow, pumps ) Other stuff Bitspower-fitings, flow meters, temp meters, H2O-sensorer MDPC-Sleves In the pipe : Cool blocks and back plates for 2 x GTX690 from Water Cool (In production for release soon) 3 x 256 Gb OCZ Vertex 4 Chassi-Door in 10 mm plexi A bunch och Carbon/Titaniun details to be made ! Win7-64 or win8-64 ...and.. a LOT of time to put this togheter !! The project progress is about 40-50% at the moment. Stay Tuned !!