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  1. i posted my prob in march... and have not recieved a new heat sensor or what ever.... STILL !!! i threw my aqua gate out i just coudnt be bothered with it anymore... all that beeping and having a defecting part of it straight out of the box.... with many other world wide having the same problem... so i baught new computer... and dont have to water cool it ! good luck with soving your problem though. - marty.
  2. ok so do you mean shipping address (as in where it was shipped to) ? because thats is the same as my home address.
  3. i follwed the manual step by step, 4 days trying to 'fix' it, still beeping like crazy.... i say 'fix' becuase i am positive iv'e installed it right.
  4. I have baught a cooler master alc-u01 and installed it last night, but i have the common 'beeping' problem, where the lcd does not show up the cpu but "---" and shuts down the PC, i've located the problem to the thermal sensor, how can i get a new one of these ? this is really annoying as now i cant use my computer (well i can, if i removie the shut down cable, but the beeping is too much to bare) i live in australia. Are you able to send me one ? i heard you guys have sent them out. PLEASE HELP !! or maybe i can purchase 1 or more than 1. Please reply asap Regards Marty.