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  1. Hello guys, My last 2 builds: Project Inverted, which I currently use as my daily desktop; Project 180, my most recent build;
  2. During the week I received a package from Coolermaster, they decided to sponsor my project and send me a very nice Silent pro M2 1000w psu and 7 Excalibur 120mm fans. Big thanks to Marco from Coolermaster Benelux for making this happen And I also have a small update: Did a bit more work on the top of the case. I've put plexi and aluminum corners onto the bars that hold the sidepanels. This way each side of the top looks like it's made out of two bars with plexi in between. And I still have room to put a 360 radiator right under the top of the case And I've used a small piece of alu tube to make the backside of the top
  3. Had some time to work on the case this weekend, first I've put the original I/O panel into the midplate. Then I've cut 2 bars to replace the top piece of the case. To still be able to slide in the sidepanels (the panels have small hooks) I had to cut 3 rectangular holes in the side of each bar The 2 top bars sit on L shaped pieces attached to the front and back of the case With the sidepanels on it's all flush and straight I've polished the strips on the top and bottom of the front with Commandant #4 after sanding them to P800
  4. I've done some more work on the case: First I've finished the front, the fans are now countersunk into the tubes There were some damaged area's on the plexi which I filed down, before: After: Fans fitted Front on the case I've bought some pieces of alu sheet to replace the front, back and midplate of the case. Took the case apart, the white sheets on the left are the new alu parts After cutting the front and back there wasn't much of the original material left Made the front sheet to size And bolted it all together again
  5. Now that I've almost finished Project pÇʇɹÇÊŒuı (Buildlog here: I've started on a new mod, which I'd like to share with you. This time no scratch build, but a rebuild of an exisiting case, the Antec P180. Why this case, well simply because I had it sitting around after building Inverted. Currently the hardware is outdated: Intel Q6600, 4Gb Ram, Radeon 6870. So I'll buy new hardware along the way of the build. Picture time! Standard Antec P180 housing Again I'll be using 25x25mm aluminum tubes Cut away parts of the original front to make room for the alu tubes All alu bars in place, 3mm transparant plexi in between Finished the top and bottom with a alu strip Testfit of the front I want to put 2 fans in the front that will draw air from the bottom of the front through the tubes. They won't be able to breathe much, but hopefully enough for what I want to do Sketchup of the fan cutout in the front This is what it looks like so far, the 2 outer tubes still need to be cut That's it for now...
  6. It's alive! Small things to do: - Tidy up the GPU wires. - Make a backplate for GPU. - Install lights in lower part of case. - Sort the wiring for the 7" touchscreen under the radiators. - Make final pics.
  7. Took a while, but finally I got all the parts painted. Last 2 I needed to do where the left sidepanel and the GPU bracket. After painting I installed both. The black dots are the heads of the bolts that hold the parts on the inside, they won't be visible when the mobo is installed. The inside, it's gonna be a :) of a job to make everything fit and close the case. Sata, 24pins ATX (incl plugs) & EATX wiring all have to fit in there somehow..
  8. A couple of days ago I received the 2nd pass-through panel and with it I've finished the wiring for the videocard. The wires have been cut to length and have been sleeved with Paracord. The 13th (still empty) hole is for the wire of the powerbutton. And I've almost finished the mounting bracket for the videocard:
  9. Ch2pa: Yeah I guess so... ok back to showing off then Fifas: Thanks Did most of the sleeving in the case: Pump: Powersupply: Powerbutton: The half stripped case Almost done sleeving the psu wires with Paracord, unfortunately I ran out of white Paracord so there's still 3 wires left to do. Finally decided how to wire the gpu. So I've prepared for the wires of the gpu by making another hole in the panel that holds the mobo. (And I ordered another lasercut panel, just like the ATX panel. But this one is smaller and has 13 holes.) Early version of the gpu bracket, it's quite big and bulky, but it will be smaller/sleeker when it's done. And last but not least, a simple but effective bracket for 2 SSD disks. The second disk fits in between the 2 alu pieces underneath the other disk. And I've installed the ledstrips in the top of the case: I also have a small movie of the RGB leds in action, here is the link to the clip I made:
  10. The thick 'sidepanels' are awesome, and the way you installed the cd/dvd drive in it is very nice
  11. Not a single comment/reply? I've installed all the plexistrips to the frame (which also was painted) and I've installed the front and back side of the case:
  12. I've almost finished the left sidepanel. Tonight I've installed the rads, the touchscreen and the fancontroller: The print with the on/off switch for the screen is on the left side of the bottom frame: Domenut as temporary button (any ideas what to replace it with?)
  13. Thanks Shiryu_libra & Frozensnail Painted the main parts of the frame: And started to rebuild the case with the painted parts (phone pics, sorry) Wired up the main powerconnector & On/Off switch. The blue cable is for the 7" touchscreen. Front bar = shiny!