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  1. I'll never finish ahaha. Stupid hurricane screwed me over. Didn't work for three weeks because...well it was flooded down here. I've been working everyday to catch up without a day off /shake fist at the sky Here is some progress though. Picked up a GTX 660Ti and painted it. Also put an LED in the enclousure. There will be a few in there.
  2. It's not a tight fit. I have more than enough room for the components, just look at the pics. Even the PSU is far from the mobo. The PSU cables will be shortened to the minimum length, so there will be no clutter. It's not noisy because I'm using 1,000RPM fans. I have even used it without the fans while OC'd and it doesn't even go past 58°C. With the fans, it floats in the 40's. You say it's going to be tight fit and then you suggest watercooling, which will it make it even more cramped...
  3. Just an update. I rarely have free time to work on this build. Just as I have a few days free, a friggin hurricane decides to ruin it. I have to evacuate the city tomorrow morning and I might not have a place to return to, so this project will be put on hold for a while. I did however pick up some plexiglass since then. I also did order a new GPU, but had to cancel it because I know it will be delayed getting here because of the hurricane and I might not even be home to recieve it.
  4. And here is todays progress. I masked off the center of the heatsink and painted the sides and top. Painted the magenta stripe first, then the teal. The design at the top is to represent her hair tie accessory. Since I couldn't figure out how to disassemble the PSU fan, I just masked the frame and and painted it. Looks fine when I put it back together. I may or may not use the fan grille in the end, but I'm sure Miku would love the snowflake. :3 I might just replace the fan it with a white LED 140mm fan if the front is too dark when I'm done. I realize that outdoors the paint looks more blue, but indoors it looks more green. That's fine because Miku uses any shade of teal. I will be making a completly new front from plexiglass and also relocating the power switch. That's all the info I will give for now ^^
  5. WIthout cluttering the previous post. Here's more progress. Chopped off the front fan bracket. Test fitting again. Perfect fit. I will be using a right angle plug. It will go over the top and exit out the rear. Mail came in. Prepping my fans. Paint! I just held it out of my face while twirling it to make sure it gets covered. The result.
  6. This is a build in progress using the new Cooler Master Elite 120 and will be themed by my addiction, Hatsune Miku (åˆéŸ³ãƒŸã‚¯). I received the case on July 23rd and went into thinking mode. I have since started working on some easier interior things, but still have much to do to the exterior. Since I really only have a day of free time a week, the progress might be slow. Do note that I will take some proper pics and a vid when I'm finished. For now I am using my cellphone. The general idea was, I wanted a small Mini ITX case, but wanted to use a full size heatsink and GPU. Because of the design of the Elite 120, I have to remove the drive bays and put my PSU in the front. Simple enough. Current progress in order Already naked and we just met. It would have been too easy if I could just put the PSU in the drive area haha, but the PSU was too tall. Test fitting the PSU width. Just wide enough for wires to come out both ends. Perfect! A centimeter free space from the GPU. WOO! Drive bays are gone except for the front fan bracket. Test fitting at the moment.