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  1. Some more photos: Final specs are: Crosshair IV Formula Phenom X6 1090T @ 4GHz with Kuhler 620 Ares 2x4GB 1866Mhz HD7970 @ 1.15GHz with Alpenfohn Peter and dual eLoops Recon Fan Controller (at 5.25" bay, facing inside the case) Strider Plus 750W MDPC-X Sleeving/screws/snap caps I actually ended up running it with only top fans for exhaust. So it's negative pressure cooling.. It gives rather good temps and bottom fan filter seems to be working. I kind of wish I could have done more, but I had only rarely access to a proper workshop during this time. Didn't really expect that. Most of the modding is hence done in a tiny apartment with only basic tools. Oh well, I think it looks rather nice for a secondary folding system. And at least I had fun making it. Thank you Coolermaster once again for fun competition! ..By the way, is it too early to start planning 2K14 competition project?
  2. Everything took more time than I imagined, but I've sent my entry. Couple more photos here too - I'll post more tomorrow and write a small recap, but now I need to eat and sleep. There's only so much coffee can do.
  3. Photos are mostly taken and I'm going through them now.. But I need to redo some of them. I only now noticed that the upper front part is not mounted correctly.. Good thing I didn't take the photo setup apart just yet. Anyway, here's quick preview:
  4. I'm sometimes terrible at updating worklogs.. I get so easily carried away and forget to take photos or make updates. Anyway, I have started the final assembly and it's done any day now. Just need to mount rest of the parts and attach detail stuff. And of course final photos need to be taken. Cutting it close, but I'll finish nevertheless. GPU cooler is all finished and already mounted back. It was meant to be matt black, but spray paint and -18°C weather wasn't the best combination. Hence I dug out some DiNoc CF pattern vinyl which I think looks pretty ok too. There is also this thingy soon to be finished. Just needs vinyl logo and it's good to go.. Leather was pain to work with and I probably used way too long time for this simple thing.This part will also be visible behind the window. CPU area is pretty simple.. Just needs memory cover mounted. And here I'm cutting the window. I had some peculiar window shapes scetched, but in the end I chose to go with an elegant and simple one.
  5. Thanks Phame! I've been slacking a bit, but now it's time to start pushing this system together. GPU cooler is switched to a quieter one (Alpenföhn Peter 79xx Edition) and I made mounting plate for dual 120mm fans: This is just a test installation.. It's surprisingly hard to put together and I'll have to take it all apart tomorrow again. I also tested colored trims with some sloppily installed vinyl. Not sure how I feel about the color and I'm buying paints tomorrow. Yeah..
  6. Testing.. Temporary PSU, memory etc. for now, but at least everything seems to be working. I've had some problems with PCI-E risers earlier, but this model works just fine with the HD 7970. System already folded 12 hours or so. PCI-E unicover needs some more fiddling and sanding, but otherwise I'm happy.
  7. Thanks! I finally started modding the case.. Nice and easy stuff first, haha. First thing to go was the plastic grille or support thingy: I'm tempted to remove the mesh and do a top mounted window. Would be easy to do in this case and it would look gorgeous. Hmm.. And here's the case itself. I already had my folding system running in it for some time 24/7. There were some minor problems at first, but things should be dialed in now. Good thing is that I can remove front fans completely and build a neat front panel. But first some modifications to the back panel.. Can you already guess what's coming? Now I'm going back to the workshop to do a new PCI-E cover..
  8. Here's some misc photos I took while unboxing and disassembling the case. Case fresh from the box. You can also see my high-tech photoshoot area: window + white table + gray wall just outside the picture. More photos: Paint job is suberb, one of the best I've seen in factory made cases:
  9. Here's my sleeving workshop - I could use a bigger desk.. And some photos of the PSU with the cables.. Looks a bit messy for now since cables are rather stiff. I can soon start some proper modding (Dremel, get ready!) as case is already in delivery. It'll be here almost certainly tomorrow.
  10. Here's 24pin cable shortened and sleeved.. Next up is sleeving all the smaller cables.. Shouldn't take that long since system isn't very complicated. I'm happy I don't have several graphics cards.
  11. First good news; My case arrived to the shop and will be delivered next week.. Will be long weekend waiting it to arrive. Hardware I'm going to use for this build is really nothing special.. Crosshair IV Formula, Phenom II X6 1090T, Vertex 2 and HD 7970 GHz Edition. These parts are currently in an old case and this system is folding 24/7. So yeah, I could definitely use a better case. And more detailed shot of the motherboard.. Not the newest board out there, but works fine in folding system. I really love the heatsink design. Notice how all the logos on the heatsinks are removed. Since almost everything else is going to be black, I'm thinking about switching CPU cooler fan to this one from Cooler Master. I think it looks pretty nice and futuristic: And here's new cable set to be sleeved: And with the ugly stock sleeving removed.. Looking so messy for now: Some tools and sleeve itself: Aquamarine sleeve shouldn't really be there. At first I thought about doing some cables with it, but most likely I'll do all the cables in black.
  12. Hi guys! I'm usually doing scratch builds, but this year I decided to do a casemod. I've only ever done one complete casemod so this is going to be interesting challenge for me. The case I'm going to use is the CM 690 II Advanced Black & White edition. I chose this case since it has nice timeless look and it fits beautifully to my plans by having two tone paintjob. However, I'm still waiting for case to be delivered - hopefully it will be here this or next week. My initial plan for this mod is to do quite minimalist and ultramodern system. So sharp angular shapes and very clean. I'll tell more of my plan once I get the case and can do some measurements. Since I'm still waiting for the case, I have started by prepping the hardware and doing some sleeving. This night I'll have marathon photoshoot/sleeving session - hopefully I have good photos for you guys soon.
  13. Some misc photos and parts.. Top of the case is starting to shape up nicely..