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  1. The concept Project 100 USP (Phoenix Undaunted Stubborn) The Project USP 100 (Undaunted Stubborn Phoenix) arose from the idea of ​​using a case that has been discontinued (not sure for what reason to stop its manufacture) because it was an excellent medium tower case and at an affordable cost. To make an improvement (evolution) in the case, and demonstrate that we can make good changes in it. Thus this project sought to also treat the issue of reusing materials we encounter in everyday life, must each be aware of what can be reused (plastics, paper, metal, aluminum and others) even if not by us. Thus, the idea of ​​joining with the reuse of rescuing a discontinued case, put this project in this competition in order to: One. Alert sustainability in humans that we create for our day to day. 2nd. Demonstrate how much we can do to have a case with good ventilation. 3rd. Spreading the idea that sentence "Casemod makes your computer unique in the world! Unique as you ... Think about it ..." As many colleagues in this competition to demonstrate their projects. 4th. Display changes to show that you can perform an excellent job of casemod, even with a case discontinued, just simply having a good idea. Reuse, focuses on the concept of working with materials that have a destination does not have usable motto "reuse is possible," gives the project work with the imagination to have materials that were used and the end of its useful life, gain a new opportunity being useful again. And to be renewed, comes demonstrating an evolution of its previous state asserting its greatness, strength and stubbornness in their struggle for their survival, and to be evolving with each new phase of his life. The Project USP 100 (Undaunted Stubborn Phoenix) created to rival the competition's cooler in order to be competitive from both a design professional projects exist in this great competition. I am grateful to all who have followed the evolution of Project USP 100 (Undaunted Stubborn Phoenix), and might even give moral support to their conclusion. Hugs to all to a close contact, thanks.
  2. I just reliving not only Phoenix, but also a good pentiun 4 .. lol
  3. Finishing and installation of LED's .... Late afternoon and evening will be posting photos of the final project ...
  4. Starting mounting the components ... and painting ... See you soon ...
  5. Performing the last cuts in case ... as well as making the paintings on the sides of the cooling box. ... Let there be fire ... Making the finish cooling box... Making the cut in the side cover and drilling the acrylic to cover fixed together. I cut the flip side, was concentrating at work ... Within moments more photos of the project ... is coming to an end ..
  6. New photos of the project ... "USP 100 Project" Painting gold, getting pretty much the case. Creating a protection for cooler 140mm at the top of the case ... When reusing materials ... Making a few more holes in the case ... Painting again to get everything to look beautiful ... Now wait is dry to continue the project.
  7. Painting ... Within moments more photos of the project ...
  8. Pure truth, racing against time to get everything done by the deadline ... Good Luck to you too ... Thanks for the support ...
  9. New photos of the project ... Painting of gold as the phoenix... The night more photos of the project ...
  10. Working on the front of the case. Using a piece of EVA of an old toy of my daughter ... Reuse that's the motto ... =) This part has a lot of work ... But getting cut straight ... Using a piece of canvas to the front of the case. Putting it all together ...Painting ... Soon more photos of the project....
  11. Performing more drilling and counting the upper case for the 140mm fans that put. Counting!!! I love to see those sparks ... The first cut!! Cutting the second air passage ... Second cut ... the cutting blade, FAIL... RSRSR Drilling ... Eager to get to the end of this phase ... To perform finishing.... See you soon...
  12. Making removal of the cutting knives leave the metal. Making markings to drill and fix the sides and feet of the case. Mounting temporarily just to take the right steps for the front grille that will develop, which process will post more soon. See you soon with new project photos.
  13. Weekend of hard work, so I'm moving on project progress ... Making holes in the sides of the case cooling. Now is the time to make holes in USP 100 that has a lot of work to drill. And means made ​​of highly resistant material. Trimming the ends. Fixing the box cooling to marry USP 100. After a day of hard work left to organize the mess ... Completing organize this for a little rest ... Soon new pictures of this project is taking shape.
  14. Performing cuts from the front cover of the case and cut the lateraris cooling box. Soon new project photos ...