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  1. after solving a problem on the structure and changed a little the initial idea. I will introduce you Aracno-HAFXB
  2. I mounted a light flash intermittently here is a short movie flash shows for an instant the logo! Look here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. now I have to mount it with the rest of the structure,,,
  4. I positioned the motherboard, the cpu and the Coolermaster Seidon 240 M I added the mesh and the wifi card
  5. I changed the power button and reset I mounted the front panel of steel with the two spiders and I mounted the panel that covers the hard drive and power supply
  6. some change on the fans of the seidon 240m I will mount a flash intermittently and I will show you the effect in a movie later
  7. I mounted LCD MAtrix orbital gtx240 under the panel I found a new supporter.... Milly!! i cut the front mesh and I changed the position of the mesh. This mesh will be colored in red