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  1. Night pics. Arya and her brothers-Scorpio prototype(left) and Scorpio Mk4 (right).
  2. Arya is completed. Since my last update, I did the following: removed adapter from it's housing, covered it with carbon foil and made custom cables, shortened main cable on Pico PSU, mount side panels adn remove protection foil from plexi.
  3. The work continues. I couldn't find leather for MBO backplate, so I covered it with carbon foil, like I did with MBO. I made custom cables for Pico PSU. Adapter arrived.
  4. Due to some water spill, I have lost Arya and some peripherals. That took some time to sort out,so here are my last updates. Plexi window is installed in side panel. I menaged to install it without any glue since it is 0,2 mm wider than hole. New RAM, wifi stick and MBO arrived. This time I won't use SFX PSU since I don't have enough time to modify it like last so Pico PSU will be used instead. I am still waiting for 12V adapter to arrrive. HW installed to see how it looks inside case. I still need to cover MBO with carbon foil like last one, resolder and sleeve Pico PSU cables, make custom cables for adapter when it arrives and cover MBO plate with leather if I menage to find it.
  5. As long as you post the entire worklog up by end of the contest, Jan 31st, it's fine. But of course we'd encourage you to share the progress earlier if possible. I posted two completed worklogs and one work in progress.
  6. May I ask when will other builds be posted on entries page?
  7. Thanks! I am waiting for lasercut plexi window for left side panel. Mesh is pleced on righ side panel for PSU cooling. Arya doesn't mean anything, it's just a name that me and my friend came up with.
  8. That was painting of the case. And now-final pics.
  9. Last layers of filler has been placed. GPU mount is made out of plexi, and front mesh was finished.
  10. Those little black pieces are angled to achieve armored look of side panels. Filling of side panels and case.
  11. Testing of case stand. Top vents mounted on the case. Now all vents are glued. Assembly of side panel. Bonding case with stand. Glued. I cut some piece of metal mesh to try how it fits in front of case. Gluing of motherboard tray. Testing of MBO tray, PSU placing and side panel.
  12. Few pics of CNC laser cutter doing it's work. All parts are sorted. Central structure panels and side panels had to be cut in two pieces since they were too big for CNC. I glued them so they become one piece Gluing of case stand. Gluing of central structure. I added radiator mount and rear vents. Glued rest of the structure. I used books to put some weight on glued pieces. Pics of the case after glue dried. More books. XD New parts added-middle support and top parts. Rest of the case has been glued as well as rear vents.
  13. I would like to introduce you to my third anf final entry to Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2013. Ares is midtower ATX designed in armour style that I build from July 21 2013 to August 24 2013. Initial laser cutting test has been made, but result was not very good. Material was of poor quality so I had to switch from 8 mm to 6 mm plywood. Whole case had to be redesigned, both inside and outside. Some improvents have been made.
  14. Second set of pictures was taken during sunset. Third set of pictures during the night.