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  1. Reviving a busted rusty and dirty cooler master aero (old school) from the barn after cleaning the case and the fan remove and replace the rusty motor with a look alike jet motor cooler w/broken casing Now a modded cooler master aero with stock heatsink of amd cooler
  2. Cover for the input cables at the back Acrylic motherboard tray mounting Bolt in w/anti vibration rubber pad sorry for the the poor photo shoots
  3. Now, the inner part of the project w/ the usb powered 60 mm fan/led connected to 4 wheels Mark and cut the hole in the location of the power supply and exhaust and the location of the input cables From To W/ plastic grill for the power supply exhaust fan w/ Power cord layout W/ 270w ITX Power supply installed and w/fastening tape(velcro straps) for 2.5 sata hdd Acrylic Tray
  4. With the acrylic and mesh on front and back windshield and exhaust Switch and led replaced the mag wheels Previous and Present side view Mag wheels lights on
  5. patience is virtue he he he it's cutting time, cut the wind shield front and back to be replaced w/ a tinted acrylic cut a hole for exhaust front and back put a chicken mesh to the front and back exhaust
  6. Spider man can't buy a car, so I made him one Components I used Casing:Matchbox cars plastic box CPU: AMD x2 250 Motherboard: ASUS M4A88T-I Deluxe Videocard: Integrated ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD 4250 GPU on board RAM: Team Elite 1 X 4g Small Outline DIMM DDR3 1333 HDD: 100g Hitachi laptop hard disk(subject to change by higher capacity) Power Supply:Sungho ITX 270w