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  1. I finally finished, Here is the final pics. Now all the componets are part of the system. This the power and reset buttons for the system. I'm using the on board power and reset button on the motherboard. Captain America is holding the reservoir for the coolant that cools the chipsets and the CPU. Black Hawk is holding the light switch that cuts the lights on and off. It controls the lights for the floor, the motherboard placement, the CPU block, the words HULK SMASH thats on the back of the system, the reservoir, and the EL wires. Iron Man is holding the power supply. Thor is holding the triple radiator that helps keep the coolant at the right temp. I intergrated one USB port.
  2. Now The platform where the avengers will be positioned will be a scene that I imagined. In HULK's WORLD is a world of green glowing goo which represents his green physic and his green DNA. So the Avengers will try and stop the HULK from lifting the PC and in turn the HULK will be containing the Avengers and then will be lifting the PC in order to smash the Avengers. So I will be using liquid plastic along with green fluorescent dye for the goo effect. I will be using Insta Morph for molding the goo effect for the hardware. The Avengers will be lifting the hardware from goo so I had to mold the effects of the goo being lifted through the goo. This is the results of the green goo. Now the platform will need to glow, so I decided to add lights to the bottom of the platform. I had to add led light strips. I had to add the green goo to the back of the pc case, around the words HULK SMASH!
  3. Now I will build the fixture for the light switch. I will build a back door for the case where the motherboard and ssd is located. Now the back door will have two working hard drives coming from the case. The hinge for the door will be placed at the bottom in order for the door to be opened from the top. It will be easy to access the wires and mounting the ssds. I decided to use hulk's favorite words HULK SMASH for the door. Because it fits the scene.
  4. Now I will add a slim Blu-Ray/DVD drive to my system. It will be placed on top of the pc. Now I will place the word's HULK'S WORLD on top of the drive. I decided to use these words because the hulk is the strongest super hero on earth and plus this build is based on him.
  5. Now the door to the server will be built. In order to use the vertical blinds for the door, I had to individually cut hinges from a long continuous hinge that I bought at home depot. In this photo I had to punch notches in the hinges in order to keep the pin from falling out. This is where I had to place a handle to pull the door out and in. I place the handle inside in order to hide it from being seen.
  6. Now I will show all the working components for the computer like the triple radiator for my custom made watercooled system. The resorvoir for the coolant. The Power Supply that supply power to my system. And the light switch for lighting in my system. The working components will be utilized by the avengers to stop the HULK's rage. Now the server will be enclosed with vertical blinds. I decided to enclosed the server with blinders in order to give the server some way of some ventilation, since it will be running 24/7. I had to individually cut and bevel each acrylic blinders by hand. So it took me several days to finish this part of my build. I used green mirrored and fluorescent acrylic for my blinders. I had to glue the two pieces together for each blinder. Now after I glued the two pieces together the glue showed thru the green fluorescent acrylic. So I decided to use green glitter to cover the appearance of the glue. Had to add wheels to my system, It got pretty heavy. Now this section of my build will be where my door of my server will be placed. Now the door will have vertical blinds also.
  7. Now I will start building the platform for the figurines. Now this part of the build will consist of the HULK and the avengers. The scene will betray the HULK containing the rest of the team and picking up the PC, all in one. The Avengers will try to use their strength and wits in containing the HULK, by lifting the components of the PC and using the components against the HULK. Components like the power supply, the reservoir and the radiator. Now the scene will be considered as HULK's WORLD because everything will be green and covered with green goo and each avenger will be on their perspective green platform. I will start building HULK's platform first. The HULK is so strong and unstoppable, he is the only one who could pick up THOR's Hammer. As you can see their weapons will be under his feet. HULK's platform will have a USB port This will be the platform for the power supply, radiator, reservoir and light switch.
  8. Now I will paint the base with black spray paint in order to camouflage the wiring and other parts of the server. Whats so special about my server is that if the server goes down for a hard drive failure or any hardware issue I can easily pull the whole server completely out or slide it out. Convenience was one of the main issue when I built it. When I pull the whole server out, I decided to add legs with wheels.
  9. Yes, I will be using PCI express riser cards. I already tested and everything works OK. No problems.
  10. This is how the case is looking, half the case will have a lid to cover half of the motherboard and the other half will expose the video cards. The covering lid can be lifted up. Now I will be covering the face of the plexi glass with green glitter and clear polyester resin , in order to cover up the wires that will be seen through the plexi glass. After building the case with all the metal, plexi-glass, three video cards, motherboard, ssd's, and two hard drives. The case got pretty heavy. So I had to think of a way to prop the case as shown in the photos, betraying the hulk lifting the case. So I decided to build a base underneath. This base will include a 15TB home built server, it will include nine 3TB hard drives. a motherboard and a power supply. The base will also include two UPS. Now this base will give me enough weight in oder to keep the case from tilting over.
  11. Oh yea I will be using three MSI GTX 480 video cards.
  12. Now the motherboard I will be using is the ASUS Rampage III Extreme. In the next few photos i'm going to use the power and reset buttons on the motherboard to power on my case mod. So I'm going to build a cover to protect from touching any other components. on the motherboard. Now the case modded video cards will have to be positioned differently, because since they where modded with a 1/4" thick fiberglass and i'm going tri-sli. They will not fit on the motherboard. So I decided to place the cards above the motherboard, above the base lid and I will be using PCI express extenders in order to accomplish this. In the next few photos I will be building the brackets that will hold the cards.