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  1. This is my entry for 2016 World Series. Worklog details soon
  2. And there, is the finished project. hope you enjoy. Sorry for the short (and late) timeline, but a did this casemods in less than 60 days. Hope you enjoy
  3. Hi Gentlemen !!!! I'm back after a long time! and THIS IS THE POST SUPER-ULTRA-TIME-WARP-FROM-ZERO-FOR-THE-COMPLETE-CASE Lots of stuff happened this time, I will try to show the most I can This is the stacker, tyo fitting on my bedroom's desk... this small thing behind it is my 40 inches monitor Here is brief evolution of case's concept And this was the planned result, I already gave up of these front doorsc time would not allow it, but all the rest will bne the way you see it here Here is the dark side guys taking care of my sleeves, and a horrible photo I used MDPC sleeves, that in my humble opnion, are the best. Nils from MDPC drwas every single package Some watercooler stuffs. I would like to thanks Brazillian customs to make me poor with all the taxes.not I painted the case with apple red candy. Casew disassembled and ready for painting mounted again