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  1. X1-Prototype completed Her you got the final result...enjoy
  2. Well I think its time to start assembling the parts back again, have to be ready tomorrow on the 31 the januari lol... FINAL ASSEMBLY BE BACK TOMOROW FOR THE FINAL STRETCH
  3. While the painted parts are drying, I took some nice pictures of the hardware i am going to put under the hood
  4. Now that the X1 was in his base coat (white silver metallic) i could start taping everything step by step to put the colours on.
  5. Hi there folks, Due the lack of time I will post only pictures without comments... I think they speak forself.
  6. Here i mounted the side pannels on the case, still need to do alot of work on the front dogh.
  7. Hi guys I have been very busy the past weeks with my X1 build so I apologize the lack of updates. I am working very hard to get done in time and I will get done in time! In the mean time I will try posting the progress mostly with pictures. Here are some pitures of the famous side panels I designed myself. Now I only need to choose the colour layout and paint the case with the original Red Bull colours. Then I can finaly begin bending the acrylic tubings and connecting everything. Will need all the time there is left dogh.... stay tunned....
  8. THE NAKED CHASSIS Paint & ASSEMBLY update Ok folks the end is getting closer so it's time for me to shift some gears up!! When I finally had the chassis the way i wanted to be I started to sanding of the chassis and the handle bars. The next step was the base cout followed by the original Red Bull silver/white metalic colour! After some hours drying I mounted the handle bars back to the chassis with these pictures as a result....enjoy The PRIMER The result with the Red Bull Silver/White colour. Stay Tunned for more updates verry fast now
  9. Now when the panel job was done I could focus on the reservoir... I finally received the 8mm thick acrylic pieces I designed. I just had to glue them together with (acrifix 1R 0192) and let it dry under a UV lamp I still need to drill the holes for the straight tubing and mount the pump and so...so it's not finished yet
  10. Time for some action!! UPDATE Wow it's time to shift in 8the gear and hit the pedal to the metal lol ...In the the past weeks I was busy designing the side panels (Adobe illustrator) so I could send the drawings of to be laser cut.It will be lazerd in 2mm allu sheets with a slight fold in so it will fit perfectly on the frames i left from original side panels....Well what do you think of this design guys?
  11. Time for the side panel design ! So after massive brainstorming I finally found a business that wanted to help me designing the Red Bull logos, stripes and original bleu/ yellow colors etc... After a couple of weeks a big box arrived with all the bleu and yellow wrap, logos and stripes arrived that I needed for this build. The first plan was to wrap the entire case but now the plans are changed, it will be a custom paintjob after all. I still can use the logos lol. The good thing was that now I knew how big the wrapped bulls were so i could start designing the side panels around the bulls. Time to hit the drawing boards again....stay tunned !! THNX for viewing.
  12. Some pictures with the side frames mounted to ensure my plan is plausible. Looks lightweight isn't it
  13. Side panel preparations for further use... As you all know the side panels of the Cosmos II have a great hinge design so i wanted to keep the base structure as much as possible to ensure a perfect fit. In further progress i will be designing new lasercutted side panels that will be glued on wat is left from te original panels. in the following pictures you wil see what there is left and wat i am trying to explain lol So let's start dismantle, drilling and cutting these gorgeous panels .... As you see I will onley be using the frame of the side panels as a good base for my own designed lasercutted panels.
  14. For future progress I needed to shorten down the motherboard tray, ofcourse I needed to try out my brand new Bosch saw (thnx honney) Also the center panel needed to be trimmed down a bit, for future purpose.