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  1. Mark XLII

    Recently i've added gpu waterclocks to the system. Still same components just upgrade the cooler system and redo the watercooling loop and retouch on the mods. It is really hard to find GTX680 wateblocks in 2017 but i ve managed to find 2 of it with back plates (used units with mint condition). Here you go EK-FC680 GTX DCII from EKWB.
  2. Mark XLII

    Greeting from Malaysia, the land of everything is possible. Back in 2013 i started a project called The UnknOwn. The project was completed and now it s in need of new breath hence a new revision will be made from it. It is recycle time people!! Any of you here MARVEL fan? Yes i decided to go with this awesome theme this time, MARK XLII (42). No not because im a fan of MARVEL nor im a fan of Iron Man. The reason why i build this because of Tony Stark. Yes Tony Stark, the arrogant awesome guy. The previous specifications for The UnknOwn are as below : Some picture of it So the journey began with the hope of impressing Tony Stark.
  3. [Worklog] Meka V3

    Hey guys i am back again here. This is my third Meka build using MasterCase 5. Current specification for now is - Cooler Master MasterCase 5. The rest are yet to be decided.
  4. Mark XLII

  5. RIKI

    Go go let s build local community here bro.
  6. Mark XLII

    LoL kantoi nama betul nanti aku cari la FB add.
  7. Mark XLII

    Inside Out.
  8. Mark XLII

    Mask On!! Mask Off!!
  9. Mark XLII

    MARK my word XLII
  10. Mark XLII

    More picture of the finished build. Battle damage effect shoots.
  11. Mark XLII

    Yes bro, do we know each other?
  12. Mark XLII

    Yes it s an acrylic sheet with 10mm (1cm) in thickness. For acrylic tube i used heat gun and silicon rod. I will upload some pictures of it later.
  13. Pipedream

    Simple and nicely done Mr Brian.
  14. Mark XLII

    YES it s done for now. I want to see more of this build and will improved the build from time to time. So here is my entry The MARK XLII Battle Damage Edition Jarvis interface is powered by Nvidia Chip.
  15. Mark XLII

    Filling the loop and wait for it to bleed
  16. Mark XLII

    Coming the cooling system, i ve decided just to cool down the cpu and the board only since i wanna keep the dcu ii tri slot cooler. Im using this rigid tube for the first time. Using a heat gun and 7mm silicon to bend it (tubing is 10-8 size).
  17. Mark XLII

    tweaking the arc reactor LED. Working good so far i love this
  18. Mark XLII

    At the same time i ve done this too. Look great aint?
  19. Mark XLII

    Fitting test [img][/img]
  20. Mark XLII

    the res mount mod is ready Preping the reservoirs Reassembly Interior LED is done
  21. Mark XLII

    Sacrifice the faulty gpu just for the sake of having good ironman Filling it Lighting up the arc reactor the eyes too
  22. Mark XLII

    Looking great
  23. Mark XLII

    it s working and let start cutting the ironman till it bleed tracing and injuring the panels cutting the scars
  24. Mark XLII

    My place was hit by big flood and most of my tools were soaked in it. Try to fix this dremel since it s crucial for this build. Both were soaked and rusty. Spray some WD40 all over the components and let it dry.