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  1. Already did that, and not long got a reply. Apparently you can't get the cables separately. You can only get the complete front I/O which they are out of at the moment.
  2. I'm trying to find if it's possible to get the Firewire, HD Audio, and E-SATA cables for the front I/O for the HAF X? I know I can buy a new replacement front I/O, but I would rather just buy the 3 cables if possible to cut down on costs. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. It always depends on the setup you have in your particular case, but yes, adding a fan to pull air from the cooler will help cooling. In saying that, I can't say by how much until you try it. My suggestion is to add a second fan and see how it goes.
  4. I'm using the same cooler, but I have mounted a second fan on the other side to have a push/pull configuration. Both fans are blowing air towards the back of the case where the rear exhaust fan is. This is the best way to add it, as you shouldn't have any hot air coming in from the front area of your case. If you mount the cooler sucking air from the bottom, you will be sucking the already hot air from the graphics card/s.
  5. I understand samoht25. Has anyone else done this to their V6 GT Cooler? Otherwise as samoht25 said, I will just leave the LED switched off and maybe add some LED cables around it instead.
  6. Thanks for the link samoht25. The case in very much under warranty as it is under a week old and hasn't even been powered up yet. I've submitted a support ticket.
  7. I am very interested in getting the V6 GT for my new build, but I'm going with a black and white theme in my case. So I'm wondering how would I go about changing the LED on the cooler to a white only led instead of the current color changing one? Can it be as easy as buying a new led and swapping it over?
  8. If this is certainly the case, then I would like to get some replacement pins for my drive caddies also. However, I live in Australia and it seems our country isn't available for a RMA. How can I go about getting these replacement pins?
  9. I can confirm after spending many hours trying to get these damn pins into the screw holes of several hard drives that the diameter of the pins are just a fraction to wide. I don't know how CoolerMaster tested them before releasing the final product, but they do not go IN all the way. They only enter the screw hole where there is no thread and then stop. Personally, I think that CM should have the pins re-made to a smaller diameter so we can get our hard drives to fit in there correctly without the pins sticking out and scratching the crap out of the inside of the hard drive cage.