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  1. I would certainly agree to Dakon's Response.. For Cooler Master and their reputation, they should make a Free upgrade from the defect RPP-850Watt to the new RPP-1000Watt. Or at least send the new 80+ directly to user. It is NOT accepteble to be without your computer for 3-4 weeks, waiting for the RMA to come throug, we have alredy have been figthing this problem for more than 3 month !!! (I am adware of time schedule for CM, solving the "Cold Boot Issue" problem.) Looking forward to recive a 80+ and to run my computer, without PSU promblems !!
  2. I also got the problem: "Cold Boot" and did send a note to Coolermaster Tech. Support........ But no respond !!!!! Yet ! The problem with the PSU seems to be solved, but..... How is it possible to look up the new Ver. at the lokal hardwarePusher ? My system.....