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  1. because of the rule requirement of not being entered / Won other contest.
  2. Nice job! Where do you get your colored plexi from? I never seem to find any localy only plain clear plexi glass. That stuff I got from A.C.Ryan for a review and did a quick guide on how to make an acrylic Fan grill over at http://www.gideontech.com http://www.mcmaster.com also sells acrylic that is transparent and dyed. I might use weld on 3 to get my dragon on a clear piece of acrylic when I am done for a wall picture (or window in a case later on).
  3. You know for seeing this on -=GvL=- and all of the other pics of it .. I think I missed the one with the VERY LARGE Zalman HS. Once again that is a sweet mod and I am happy for your dad. Now I need to get back working on my mods.
  4. Nice looking dragons .. I was doing this one to get use to the scroll saw and cutting the acrylic. http://www.malatorymods.com/dragon.htm still have yet to finish it and find something to do with it once it cut out.
  5. Pots are basicly the turn dials on the fan bus that controls the speed .. Some HS come with them.
  6. I will agree. I am not in this contest but I can say that when I mod, I am trying for something new and lots of time goes into my projects.
  7. could you add a 3.5 to 5.25 bay adapters to it (Ones used for hard drives). there is also the options to add POTS to the power lines and attached them to the back plates.
  8. dave303

    fan filters

    YOu can also use the Fabric laundry sheets, But an Heater (House) air filter that is webed or fabric as well. also http://www.mnpctech.com sells the modder mesh (Hex like crazypc ) and round holes.
  9. dave303

    Grump's Wave

    Looked throug this thread and I have to say Nice work.
  10. I would agree with you. Modding is doing Physical Mods to something. Changing the Color of a Case. Drilling holes into a fan and added your own LED's. Personalizing a computer would be buying a fan with LED's and adding it to a case.