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  1. Here is my original message it will let you know what i have http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6078 I now have a new problem The external hardrive that i have is hiding some folders and i can't see/find them. I went to my son's place to obtain some folders of stuff he had that i wanted. I transfered them onto my external hardrive from his pc - all looked fine. It was finished and we were just yacking. The external hardrive was still switched on and he unplugged it from the main. I came home and all the folders of stuff was missing from "M" onward. So all i had was "A" to "M" of the folders. I figured it was him unplugging the hardrive before i switched it off. The option to show hidden folders is also 'on' so that isnt the reaso they're not showing up. I did out of curiosity check the properties of the hardrive and it tells me that all the folders are in fact there. Couldnt figure that out....so i went back to my son's the other day to try and get the one's i thought i had lost and keep getting a message "the file/folder already exists do you want to replace it i clicked no to begin with then tried yes - with yes it went thru the motions of the file going over after a few minutes it finished transferring but the file/folder still isnt showing up on my external hardrive. Can someone please help me [/i] I forgot to add i ocasionally get this message tho the files/folders that i can see in the external hardrive are still working.
  2. Yeh i'm thinking passing the 40 yr old mark has given me some hurdles So am sure that could be why i can't open the case - no matter how i try. I still might take it back in for them just to be sure - i'd hate to think i need to change it only to find down thetrack that it is actually stuck/jammed Thanks
  3. you know that's funny you should say that cos the hard drive was in just plastic and i was thinking as i got in the car 'wow no protective box or anything' which i though strange Though the Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure was in a fancy box all packed p for protection. I still can't open the Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure I'm wondering if i should take it back at least for them to try my hands may just be too girly (no offence to me...lol) Dips
  4. wow that took forever to do. I went in pretty much blind - with tidbits of advice - but managed to initialize the drive, then partition the drive, then format the drive. Thank you everyone for your help....albiet it being rather limited (seriously no offence ) I am going to reboot and fingers crossed this all works nicely. Dips
  5. hmm ok so i might go with NTFS cos i know the 3 pc's i will want to access are all WinXP. Now all i need to do is figure out how to initialize the drive, then partition the drive, then format the drive which have no idea how......any step by step instructions would be great.
  6. ok there are two different responses when i click these two sections.
  7. ok i am thinking the third one down is my external drive. It had a red circle near the word 'disk 2' i right clicked and clicked inisionalize. I don't know why it just looked good at the time So now all i need to know is how to .... if a drive is listed there and isn't shown on my computer you can right click it and format it there as suggested above right clicking gives me 'properties' and 'help' here's what i can see
  8. omg this is frustrating the beejeebers outta meeeeeeeee
  9. I cannot for the life of me take the cover back off try switching the jumpers on the hard drive to slave or cable select Sorry i have no idea how to do this yup i have service pack 2
  10. I needed a bigger hard drive so opted to go with an external one cos i know i need to sometimes get things from a pc elsewhere. I will be honest and say i thought it would be as easy as ...buy, then plug into a usb port . So, i ended up being advised to get a Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure and a W-D 250gig JB 8meg Cache 7200rpm hard drive. I have put the hard drive into the Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure, plugged everything in - i get the little usb icon near the clock the blue light is on the Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure but i can't find it on my pc anywhere ? The guy at the pc place told me it would just show up as anothe hard drive in 'my computer' section. Also can the hard drive be removed from the Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure cos be damned if i can re open the thing. Please help me. I have no idea if i am in the right place here - if i'm not please tell me where should be asking this. I wanted to do this myself and stop relying on pc techy's to do everything for me just to pay them a fortune for 10 minutes work. Dips p.s grrr i forgot the p.s...........argh head spins..... ......lol i remembered the p.s i wanted to add. The cd i got with the Xcraftlite External hard drive enclosure hasnt got a driver option for xp. On the cd...named DRIVER WIN 98 95 there is 3 folders eSATA & USB Combo -in that folder is- X Craft Lite eSATA & USB 2.0 combo-USB driver for Win98 Win98 driver-ReadMe.txt X Craft Lite manual(eSATA)_2006-Apr-13.pdf USB2.0 -in that folder is- X Craft Lite USB 2.0 - USB driver for win98 X Craft Lite manual(USB2.0)_2006-Apr-13.pdf USB & 1394 Combo -in that folder is- X Craft Lite USB & 1394 combo - USB2.0 driver for win98 Win98 driver-ReadMe.txt X Craft Lite manual(1394a)_2006-Apr-13.pdf