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  1. Oke guys, this build is finished so here are the final pictures. Sorry for not updating but I've been busy and I just had surgery so been recovering from that as well. But here are the final pictures I hope that you like it! And here are a few images of the hardware! So that's it! The Kyubu. Hope you guys like it and if you do make sure to vote for me! Adios!
  2. Update So now for a little bit of sad news. As many of you might have noticed it isn’t going that well with the progress and the updates… This is due to the fact that I’m very busy with a lot of things aswell as my assignments for the application of my next study. It’s a very good study for 3D Visual Arts but that means it’s very difficult to get accepted. At the moment all my spare time (and working time) is going to practice and practice… Because of that I have to announce that this mod will be set on pause for an unknown period of time. Please understand that is it NOT dead, only paused till I’m sure I have enough time to finish it. I have also been talking to fellow casemodders who are willing to finish it with or for me but I have to think about that. So I’m not giving up on this but other things need my time for the moment, I hope you guys understand… That said, I have one more update for you guys to see the last progress on the Cubes. Been extremely busy making all screws to fit lol… Placed the mobo. Also mounted the PSU. Test fitted an HDD. With GPU. It’s not mounted yet! Bottom plate. So that’s it for now. It’s not sure when this project will be continued but I hope as soon as possible. Thanks to everybody that has been following and I hope it’s likable so far! Adios!
  3. Hey guys, The reason for this mod to have so few updates is that I currently don't have any space to work on it. I hope that soon there will be a table or desk for me so I can continue working on it. This doesn't mean that it's going on a break!! So hopefully more soon! Adios!
  4. Hey, I double checked it with Cooler Master and they said I could join the competition so... We'll see what happens.
  5. Hereby my entry for this competition. The build is based on the Cooler Master HAF XB. The whole idea is to make a computer that has Japanese influences and looks very relaxing. More information and updates will follow but first some sketches. More soon!
  6. Day 3 at ModWithMe There we are again with an update! Last wednesday I spend all day at ModWithMe again. This time without my mod buddy because he wasn't able to come. But well, I did a lot altough it may not look like haha. Been fitting the panels to the frame all day, drill holes, tap them etc etc... Went well and I'm very happy with the result so far. Here are the pictures You can see the "bolts" between the panels and the frame, these will be replaced with rubber rings to reduce some vibration. The window and aluminium plate fit perfect It's all about the details! And here you can see me working again, always busy haha! So this Cube is at my place now which means I'll clean it, sand it down and fit in the right screws. Then I'll fit in the hardware and drill holes for that etc. More to come! Let me know what you think. Adios!
  7. Update (ModWithMe) It's been a while ago since we showed a little bit of the actual building. Let's make a big change to that! Yet another day at the Modshop and one frame is 100% finished, the other one still needs a little bit of work. All panels has been made with the CNC and really look amazing, also one of the Cubes has been put together with all the panels using tape. The panels fit very well altho it was a lot of work to make them fit without any gaps between them. It's difficult to make it perfect when you make the frames by hand! What I really like is that after a designing a case for about a year, now you can finally see it all coming together. And it looks like the actual design!! :jawdrop::eeek: Super happy with the results so far. Here some pictures of casemodding at ModWithMe, once again an amazing day! The frames! And the panels. Pictures with me! :dremel: Here you can see what the size will be, not too big eh? Next to the other frame. Only here you can see a little gap but this is because the frame is still a bit too long here. That's not a problem because I can easily file it down. So yes, a very nice day with Sander at ModWithMe and we finished the day with the best kebap on the planet!! Only that should be enough reason to mod at the modshop lol! Hopefully after one more day we can bring the Cubes home! And then work on the stands. More soon! Adios!
  8. Plextor! And another update. This time a special one for Plextor. Thanks a loooot to Maarten from Plextor for these beautiful products, they’ll look amazing in the Cube. Pictures say more than a thousand words so I tried to make beautiful pictures again! SSD’s are do have a bit boring appearance (looking good is different because they are very stylish) but I did my best for good pictures! Once again thanks to Maarten from Plextor! Another update will be here soon I hope. The problem is that we’re working on the Cubes far from home so yeah… But we try as hard as we can. Adios!
  9. Asus, Republic of Gamers update I would like to announce yet another amazing sponsor! ASUS! For which I would like to thank Sven in special. Sven gave me for one of the two Cubes a motherboard and graphics cards. The Asus maximus VI Impact and the GTX670 DCMOC. Because of this hardware I decided that for my Cube I'll be using red LED's instead of blue. Also for Asus I tried my best to make beautiful pictures! Enjoy! The motherboard! My favourite picture haha! Soundcard. And the GPU! Put everything together. I don't think there's a better mobo, gpu combination possible! So that's it for the beautiful Asus products. I can't think of better hardware for my Cube. Another building update will follow soon! Adios!
  10. Cooler Master Hereby I’d like to announce a very nice sponsors, Cooler Master! Thanks a looot to Gert from Cooler Master for these perfect and awesome products! This update is special for Cooler Master. I did my best to make beautiful pictures from the parts. We received two PSU’s, the Silent Pro M2 1000W. We also received two coolers, the Seidon 240m which will keep out CPU’s very cool! Here the pictures!! The cooler. The PSU’s! Once again, thanks a lot Cooler Master. We will enjoy the products!! Adios!
  11. Update (ModWithMe) On friday the 23th we started with the build in the modshop of ModWithMe. After some explanation about a few tools and machines we started with the materials that were already there for us. We got a nice tour from Sander in the modshop. We put all the drawings for the CNC machine on the computer and there we went! We started on the frames ourselves when the CNC was doing its job. All the aluminum bars were already cut to size by the supplier but it was still very unclear which bar was for which part of the frame so yeah… I have to admit that I made a few mistakes haha! But well, pointed out where all the holes should come, drill them and tap them for M4 screws. The screws will be recessed into the frame to the panels should fit over it nice and tight. The panels will be fixed with nice and good looking M3 screws because they will be visible. Here some pictures of us working! (and seeing me at work is rare! ) A part of all the bars for the frame, what a work… xD The, still boring, plates. A very busy CNC! It has been working all day and were more or less half way with the panels. Here we’re putting a part of the first frame together to see some sort of result. Everything fits very nice! So we did all this in the workshop of ModWithMe for we’re very grateful! Soon we’ll go back to finish at least the first parts of the Cubes. Also the bottom parts and the poles will be made here. Adios!
  12. The Cube I hereby announce the start of a new project. Well, actually two new projects. The Cubes! The name already tells a lot about what it’s going to be. We will build two cubes, both with the idea to become perfect LAN computers. They will be very easy to bring to a LAN party because they’re only 30x30cm. The square part (in which all the hardware will be) will be placed on a stand with only one corner. The pole will make sure no cables are coming out of the square parts of the Cube but only from the bottom part. We will make USB, HDMI and etc. extensions so we don’t have to open the Cubes every time we want to connect a keyboard or whatever. All peripherals can be connected on the bottom of the stand. Of course there will be a window on the top of the case so all the hardware is visible. The frames for the Cubes will be built from aluminum bars that are 1x1cm. In a later stage we can screw the panels to the frame. The frame will take care of all the weight of the hardware because the panels cannot hold any weight their selves. We’ve chosen to place the PSU as close to the stand as possible so most of the weight will be at the bottom of the cube, this way we’re able to get more stability. If in the end we find out it’s not enough we can always chose to put more weight in the bottom of the stand. The color schemes of the Cubes will be different for each Cube. Both Cubes will be painted white, both inside and outside. One Cube will be lighted with red LED’s and the other one with blue LED’s. This way we’re able to give it a more personal finishing touch. At the bottom of the stand will be the logo of the Cubes. This logo will be lit up with some more LED’s. We still have more ideas for the Cubes but those will be a surprise and you’ll be able to see them while we’re building them. The frames and panels of the Cubes will be made in the workshop of ModWithMe. For this I would like to give a big thanks to Sander from ModWithMe. Thanks a lot for this amazing opportunity, advice and support! I would also give a big thanks to the sponsors for making this project possible! Every sponsor will get its own update with pictures and banners. For now we have a banner with the sponsors so far. If we’re able to get more sponsors, the banner will be updated. More information about sponsors will be given during the build! Adios!
  13. Here a quick post of my finished build Shirokuro. Really enjoyed working with one of Cooler Masters cases Specs: Mobo: Asus Maximus V Formula CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K (i.c.m. Corsair H50) MEM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance GPU: 2x Asus HD5870 v2 PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850W CASE: Cooler Master CM690 Advanced II (Black&White Edition) SSD: Corsair Force GT 120GB HDD: Western Digital Black 1TB Pictures: I hope you like it For high-res pictures check https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 136&type=1.
  14. I can see the pics. Looking freaking awesome duude!!