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  1. In my system, ASUS A8V-E Deluxe with AMD Athlon 64 FX55, I also used Hyper 48 and always under 44 degrees Centigrade. That's not bad for me, and special was it's low noise !! Maybe you can let's us know how it work in your system !!
  2. Garfield

    Vortex Dream 7 Socket Compatibility

    hey !! you r welcome !!
  3. Garfield

    Vortex Dream 7 Socket Compatibility

    some pictures for you reference .... Vortex Dream Vortex Dream 7
  4. Garfield

    Hyper 6 + transparent/golden fan

    :idea: I change the fan for Hyper...
  5. Garfield

    Hyper 6 -- Yeah .. Its Really A Hyper Stuff

    I believe that this week already arrive at USA & Europe.
  6. Garfield

    Cool Drive 3

    Oh !! Actuality, you will see this kind product next month !!
  7. Garfield

    Liquid Cooling - Aquagate

    Run without fan ? I can not understand your question.... I know that the water block will be have different set for sell... For dual CPU, I think that will be coming soon.
  8. Garfield

    Liquid Cooling - Aquagate

    Ok !! I will past my system ASAP for you !! (Oh !! I hope I can use the phote to answer your question...)
  9. Garfield

    Hyper 6 -- Yeah .. Its Really A Hyper Stuff

    Yeh !! Maybe Cooler Master can add your idea in their cooler !!
  10. Garfield

    Dual Storm Case Fan

    As I know, it's 8 cm Fan... and the SPAC as below: Weight:192.67g Fan Speed: Top1402rpm ~ 2986rpm, Down:1453rpm ~ 3056rpm) Air Flow: 20CFM ~ 40CFM Air Pressure: 1mmH2O ~ 4mmH2O Noise: 22dB ~ 47.5dB .....I think that will be ok for noise...
  11. Garfield

    Any VGA Cooler ?

    This one ?
  12. Garfield

    Cool Copper RAM Sinks

    Oh !! All you guy use the great stuff on your computer !! I think the Ram Cooler is use on pc modding. That's have some pleasure when you change something different to standard stuff, right ? I also find something was cool as below: :idea:
  13. Garfield

    Cool Drive 3

    I think that if it have more H.D. function on it will be better. Just like H.D. transmission rate .... :idea:
  14. Garfield

    DI4-8KD3B-0L Silent VS. ISBV73 AERO4 P4 3.X+

    First, I need to let you know that the function of thermal grease was pass the heat from CPU to heat sink more quickly. It can not down the temp. of CPU. Second, I also have doubt with the weird thermal paste ball. It's unusual situation. Maybe you need to exchange it. Third, may you get some of the thermal grease which your friend give to you for me ? I will like to know how magical it is.
  15. Garfield

    Centurion 5 + A lot of Lights

    That's cool !!