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  1. Hello, Can you someone at Cooler Master tell me when will this new case (RC-922M-KKN3-GP) will be available for purchase to the public. I understand that Newegg is the only place selling already, is there any other retailers that this case is being sold at?
  2. I appreciate your timely reply. Do you have any idea if CM will make this part available for sale? Can you shed some light as to who might be selling this part in the meantime? Lastly, there are posts at OCN forums where users of this case are also asking about upgrades to USB 3.0 for the front I/O. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hello, I purchased a new HAF922 with USB 2.0 less than 2 months ago from my local computer shop. I have since noticed that on your website there is a new HAF922 with USB 3.0 built in for the front I/O. Will an upgrade kit be sold to the general public? I wish I knew that the USB 3 would have been available and I would have just held off until the new towers were out for sale. Please advise. Thank you!