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  1. i just upgraded my motherboard to an Asus P5N32-e and still having the same problem with the psu. unlike before, having both my video cards in it does nothing to help. so am RMAing it to exchange for another yes, but the 650watt coolmax i have isn't certified for SLI according to the nvidia website, plus with my 8800 not working, its a matter of elimination trying to find whats wrong. its only working occasionally now that i upgraded the mobo, so am thinking the card is defective.
  2. pretty much having the same problem here. just got the psu to replace my 650 watt coolmax since it wasen't strong enough for the 8800GTS i got a few weeks ago. set it up, turned it on, fans spun a bit, then the pc turned off. unplugged the psu, let it discharge, plugged it back in, same thing happens again. tried it with my GeForce 7600gs instead of the 8800. it boots up....once. then goes back to doing nothing put BOTH the 7600gs and 8800gts in the pc, it boots up every time. but it takes 15-20 mins to get past the winxp loading screen my pc specs are ECS NForce 570 Slit-a (V5.1) motherboard Core 2 Duo E6300 1 gig ddr2 an 8x dvd-rw a 16x dvd +/- rw a 160gb IDE Hard Drive 3x 320gb Sata Hard Drives