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  1. And follows the painting of the plastic parts. The color chosen was a pearly orange from Kawasaki. Since the budget is short and you could not make a candy. But the color did not disappoint me and the result I quite liked. Selected color in catalog. Ink in the can. Plastic cabinet fairing parts prepared for painting. And finally the painting almost finished. I only took photos of the front so far because it was the only one I have polished so far. But the final polishing with automotive wax is still lacking. The logo that is in this piece I ended up choosing to fix horizontally. I also put this detail in smoke acrylic where I made the crease of the previous photos. And the loco in focus. The letters will be in glossy black and 4 in frosted.
  2. I wanted to change the front of the C700P a bit, but as the case is too beautiful, even gives a pen, so I thought of a very subtle and discreet modification. Increase the crease he already had on the face, took the logo of the CM and smoothed the hole that remained with plastic mass. Next step, painting.
  3. Since I'm going to use the power button on that panel, I removed the power and reset button from the original cabinet panel. And to make a new front, I decided to use the original front dock and for that I had to cut the same, since I was a little forward and I needed a straight front for the carbon fiber plate. I also did some reinforcements and support for the pieces. Still missing by screws on the plate and reinforce with resin the acrylic pieces that were glued. And then it is logical to paint this medium. And finally, a preliminary assembly just to have an idea of how everything will be. I will use hunting type buttons to turn on and off parts of the lighting (the computer will be for personal use and will be in my room).
  4. And to give that "start" on the project and start with "key" gold, follow some things that are already almost ready for the front of the project. A little bit of real carbon fiber! LCD controlled by Arduino with 2 independent temperature sensors. Power button and key to lock the power button. But since this key was very ugly, I decided to modify it a bit. I used 2mm aluminum plate and 3mm glossy black acrylic. Polishing still needs to be done.
  5. What's up guys, how's it going? So, this will be my fourth Cyberpunk-themed project. This project was made to present at Campus Party Brazil in 2019. This year I took the big chance with Cooler Master Brazil, because I received the so dreamed C700P! He came in the middle of the hour, but in the rush to get everything done in time. Here's a little bit of what's to come in this worklog. Below are the pieces that will be part of this project!

    Cyber Cthulhu

    Some images I found in the photo gallery on my cell phone... Sleeve The most time consuming thing to do in a casemod, especially when you do not have an extractor... Top that controls the arduino responsible for lighting and color control via bluetooth + Arduino with 2 sections and fade effect... Finishing effects of painting imitating metal, even without the front panel... Photos of him on my desk...

    Cyber Cthulhu

    More photos, but this time taken by the photographer and casemodder MGyovanni

    Cyber Cthulhu

    Some photos of him exposed at Campus Party Brazil

    Cyber Cthulhu

    PVC pipe to make the eyes. Custom laser cut acrylics. Drilling sides where a 4-way mike connector will come in for illumination. Side piece that will be docked at the connector site and lighting tests: Eye light tests that will be on the front of the case: Front part ready for painting. Project overview with black base paint. Avexir 32GB (4x8GB) Blitz Series DDR3 And that pleasant moment whenever something new arrives !!! SSD 120GB S100 Series with green leds Of course! Sponsored by myself! An I5 6400! (Intel, the next one can help!) And some photos of the motherboard Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3H DDR3 already equipped with the memories, processor and with the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 already customized! And of course! A sample of how it's getting ahead of the case!

    Cyber Cthulhu

    Hi Cooler Master! It was the start of my new project that has the proposal to use Cthulhu, famous character of the horror stories of the writer H.P. Lovecraft in a theme Cyberpunk. Redesigning the character of terror in a more technological way. I want to thank some brands, who have believed in my work and are being partners to this project, and they are: Cooler Master, Avexir, Gigabyte and Seagate! The project base will be the Case MasterCase 3 Pro . Good folks! For now that's it, because I just received the first pieces, but as soon as I have news I put here. I also want to do a little review of the pieces! I hope you follow my project. And who wants to know a little more of my work as casemodder:
  11. Preview of the operation of Visior of nixie tube that displays the percentage of CPU usage and memory and RGB lighting that can be changed via button with 7 colors preclinical programs or through mobile application.
  12. Front panel and custom paint imitating worn industrial metal (all case received this painting) ... Nixie Tube front panel ... Part of the lighting (remembering that it is controlled by android Bluetooth application. But also added color to change function through a button on the case) ... And the final pictures!
  13. At the top, I decided to make a translucent acrylic cover in the form of MasterCase Pro 5 cover model. It was a little tricky bend and adjust this acrylic to fit just right, but in the end I got it. andfollowing the result. Before (only the cut piece) After (Cut, held the bevels to angles and adjusted to fit better) It was also held to exchange the original top cover for this closed acrylic. I'm thinking of putting the SSD and maybe the HD show that top, with a few other details that once you are done I demonstrate here. Another change I made was on the front panel. I pulled the power and reset buttons, and eliminated the holes thereof, made a small new panel that will withstand vandal 3 (power, reset and a third button that will make the exchange of what will be displayed on the nixie tube). Following the result (the panel is only supported in the case, so it is a bit out, I have not and I fixed or painted it, it is only in primer for testing) After some work, bent all the front parts as wanted and set it in place. I also did the drilling required for fitting parts in the cabinet and mounted the same with all acrylic parts (even with plastic protection). There is still cut side windows to initiate the process of painting, but this is rough cut to have an idea of what to come. At the top was made an opening system using kitchen cabinet dampers (I removed the pressure thereof, but still has a resistance of landing and hold the lid open). Inside it was mounted a cover of the source and a cover for the back. In front there will be nothing, it will be where you will stay the toilet radiator. Personal good! For now this is it! I hope you are enjoying the project!
  14. Hi Cooler Master! I announce my younger casemod project that named Cyber, as it will have the theme worked in Cyberpunk style. I will show something that develops for the project. Using Arduino using Bluetooth, make the control of RGB lighting through an Android application. I will present the icing on the cake, which will be a front panel formed by two nixie tubes, which will display hardware information. For those who do not know what it is: "A Nixie tube, or exposure to cold cathode, is an electronic device for displaying numbers or other information using glow discharge." Using two of them, together with a pro Arduino controller and a tube, which will pass the information. The following video showing the system in operation, displaying CPU usage% and Memory%. The controller has a led RGB as backlight, the effects of lighting in the video, are just for testing because it does not define whether it will still be color change according to the displayed value (as in the video), or whether each function will have their own color (memory = blue, cpu = red). *The video narration is in native language and without subtitles. Hardware: CPU: I7 4790 MD: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 Memory: HyperX Fury 2X8 + 2X4 = 24GB SSD: 2X HyperX 120GB 3K (Raid 0) SSD2: HyperX 240GB Savage HD storage: Seagate 4TB Power Source: Cooler Master G750M Cooling: Cooler Master Nepton 240M Fans: 3x Silencio FP 120 PWM Case: Cooler Master Mastercase 5 And who wants to know more about my casemodder work: