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  1. I've got the same issue, it just started by itself. my aquagate starts beeping randomly for a few seconds and then stops... for no reason. it is adjusted correctly, and none of the temp warnings are anywhere close to where it starts beeping.. it's entirely random.
  2. Wow! absolutely great info here.. I'm very impressed with your progress... I've been very happy with my aquagate.. and this makes me that much happier. So, I'm dying to know... what are your before/after results temp wise?
  3. I certainly hope someone has some answers.
  4. Over the many upgrades, and years of changes.. I've lost all but 3 of my motherboard spacers for my ATC-200.. the little square guys.. I can't find them anywhere, and I need a new set.. where can I get them? I mailed customer service last week and I haven't received anything back yet.