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  1. Power button light comes through the motherboard, not the PSU. Make sure that your power button cables are all plugged into the correct place on the MB and it should work fine. Be Well! Fireheart In addition, the manual with the evga board has the polarity reversed on the power button as well as the HDD in use indicators, so you'll need to reverse them. And depending on the stacker you got, you may even need to mod the connector for the power button indicator, my stacker came as a 3 pin, the evga mobo has a 2 pin.
  2. You'll have better luck getting the unit RMA'd to the vendor that sold it to you and replacing it with a unit from someone else that is not defective or has to have it's own safety features defeated to operate normally. System power supply is the backbone of the entire computer, you can't build a system based around a flaky power supply. Despite being more advanced than they were in say, 1995, there have been very few fundamental changes to them. Literally *ANY* company making them these days should at least be able to churn out at least an average low-end one these days. This isn't a processor or video card with millions of transistors. Or an operating system with millions upon millions of lines of code. This is a fancy ac/dc converter. That's it. Just about the bigest "advance" in power supplies this decade is modular cables. That's it. This isn't rocket science! It's not "bleeding-edge gear" that's bound to have a few issues. A single bad unit can happen to anyone. A single bad run, while terribly unfortunate, can be released into the wild with bad quality control. An entire LINE of a product is unacceptable and worthy of a full recall. CM should have been on top of this. The 1st post in this thread is 3 months old, and this issue still hasn't been resolved, heck, it's only recently even been IDENTIFIED publicly. Unacceptable. But hey, it's not all doom-n-gloom, at least they make some of the best cases in the land. Love my Stacker 832, there is literally no other case you could give me to make me give it up. It's that awesome. That's why this power supply issue eats at me so much. I don't understand how a company can be so awesomly detail oriented in one area, and fail so completely in another. Not at all impressed with CM's power supplies, very impressed with their pc cases. At least there's balance.
  3. The drive should need to be formated before actual use, and honestly, all the externals I've used have been "hand me downs" from being inside, so I'm not certain if you have to use some special procedure to format the drive being in the external case. But yes, it should be listed in "My Computer", as well as the Device Manager as well as being accessable from the USB icon in the system tray. Good luck.
  4. Here's a link to the product manual for the 832, your 830/831 should disassemble in a similar way. You'll need a .pdf reader plug-in installed, if you don't already have it. I was unclear exactly what you were asking, are you having problems removing the side panels to GET to the internal expansion slot covers, or were you trying to get the expansion covers removed without entering the case (impossible). Either way, the manual is very handy and should tell you exactly what you need.
  5. Hope you have luck getting an 832 over there, my current gaming rig is using one and I have to say, it's the best case I've ever worked with as far as ease of use. Extremely pleased with it. Isn't there a European company like Newegg or perhaps that can get one for you? Cause yeah, 200 dollars for shipping is crazy talk.
  6. While a little harsher that I would have put it, I have to essentially agree. These aren't "El Cheap-O" power supplies. These are 200 dollar or more "premium" power supplies. If this was a 50 buck OEM crap, I wouldn't care, you get what you pay for generally in the computer world. Lots of us did NOT get what we paid for, and that's the problem. And while I've replaced my unit, good luck to those of you that decide to RMA and try a replacement.
  7. I've had my Zeus in for a few days now and it solved all my problems, even some of the instability I had remaining after uninstalling the nvidia network drivers. System runs like a charm. If anyone else is tired of playing "RMA Roulette", or doesn't want to start, I give the SilverStone Zeus ST85ZF a hearty thumbs up, and so does JohnnyGURU (best webpage about power supplies on the net, wish I'd found it before getting the CM) Link to the JohnnyGURU review of the Zeus:
  8. My Stacker 832 came with no extra led's, and I wasn't aware that the 830 did either. *shrug*
  9. Just RMA'd mine to newegg this morning, have a nice silverstone coming to replace it with. Headaches like this are just not worth it. I didn't pay a premium price for a premium powersupply to be a beta tester for it. I'll stick with CM for my cases, but won't buy another PS from them again, even if it does get high initial marks in reviews.
  10. Yeah, the chrome looks much more awesome that I was thinking it would. Wonder how much just getting the vented side and top screens would cost here in the US. Bet keeping it fingerprint free is going to be a nightmare though.
  11. I think everyone screws up on their front panel headers their 1st time, you shouldn't be able to damage the system doing it, you'll just get wacky results. Like no light on the power button, HDD light always on or always off, etc. It's not a big issue, but can be a real head scratcher if you aren't expecting it.
  12. We have changed the LED's to Green. The new batches will all have Green LED's. Well darn, if I'd known that, I might have just sprung for the extra 50 bucks the case costs over the 832 I got and saved myself a little painting time, cause the case sure does look sweet in pictures.
  13. Go with the 832, only available in black, but then you can paint it how ever you'd like. I did and I'm considering painting it with either a blue on some of the larger panels (to match the blue led's) or doing a bit of trim work in yellow (like racing stripes), just haven't had the time yet because the system is still so freshly assembled.
  14. It's right on the front page of nvidia's website, don't know how you could miss it. Here's a direct link to the store page for ordering Pretty sweet case, problem is the led's are all still blue, not green to match the paintjob. They halfassed it. Sure changing out the fans for green is not that difficult, but changing the powerbutton will be a pain to make it match up. I went with a stacker 832 in black and plan to paint some of it in an electric blue to match to the led's, if I ever get it stable and have the time.
  15. Yeah, thanks for the update, at least it makes us feel like we're not left out in the dark alone. And don't forget, looks to me like everyone that's posted on this thread has been using an evga 680i mainboard, not an asus, get us some evga loving. Oh, and Merlins1, I just uninstalled the network drivers from the control panel, as opposed to doing a fresh format, and haven't had the system reboot since my last post, been gaming and puttering around on the net for 12 hours, seemingly stable. Thanks for the info, you may have saved me hours of troubleshooting. It stays stable and running for 12 more hours during normal use and I can start clocking it up a bit, it's insulting to the zalman to be running at "stock" speeds on the cpu, hehe.