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  1. HELLO ALL (again) Ok i had some problems with my motherboard, so i had to disassemble all my pc. I had some constructive critics from the users and especially from greensabath (Project: Yuugou) and agreed with him that the name "Simplicity" wasnt showing up on the interior of my case so i decided to buy some Dark Red Plexi and start working it Hope you like it: The Plexi Working it (Bending Part I) IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!! Plexi holders (Homemade) Working it (Drilling) In place Working it (Bending Part II) In Place and ALMOST DONE Tonight im gonna try to assemble it all and then take some pictures of my case completly RE-done... Im also thinking on making something more in the front... Let's see
  2. thxa lot hed420 Ill start my 2nd mod next week, found a costumer that wants a mod
  3. Ok guys, last photos of my project, was a pleasure to share this project with all you guys, i hope u comment and criticize for me to learn from my mistakes. If i ever be able to do another mod (bc €€€€€€ isnt an easy thing to come by eheh) i will surely share with you all. Here they go: AND the night shot with the other side panel: Thx to everyone that commented the more comments the more i learn To all
  4. That cooler serves to cool the CPU and the NORTHBRIDGE, its well puted, i doubt i have lack of airflow with 10 fans in the case:P
  5. After a long journey its FINISHED. Only a minor problem with 1 side panel that doesnt wanna close bc of the 24pin cable, ill sort it this evening when i take some pics at night to post here Here we go for the Assembly process pics: Core2Duo in place: Cooler in place: Motherboard in place: Connecting cables and straping them: Cables in place: Back Side Cables in place: This where taken in the morning, they arent very good pictures... and i was installing windows so didnt had much time, so ill take better pics this night. This ones are just for you guys to have a general view of the light effects Top with flash Side with flash \o/ PSU MESHZ STEALTH ® in place Side Panel
  6. Ye back and top fans are White leds Also the leds i used are also white JoaoFelippe, Alloy Front Bezel ??? can u explain me better or even post a link of what it is ? Já agora se és brasileiro eu sou português abraço Thx for all the comments guys, its almost finished!
  7. Ok im on the verge of finishing it, ive started to assemble it should be done today. After some light polishing: Had to improvise a 4mm plexi to cover a huge gap that formed, i think it turned out well Assembling the front: Side with PSU: More to come today i hope all goes smoooooooooooooooooooooth
  8. Hey I wanted to buy a new case for my new parts, since money was lacking i decided, Well lets just try to mod her Parts: MSI 975X PowerUp Ed. MSI Nvidia 8800GTS Cooler Master HYPER Intel LGA775 CPU INTEL Core2Duo E6600 Samsung 1Gb DDR2 800 x2 Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty WD Raptor 10k 74gb WD 250GB 16Mb Cache SATA2 x2 (Raid0) 5x Cooler Master WhiteLED Fan 120mm Seasonic M-12 700W I would like you guys to criticize my work and tell me what you think so far, its my first mod ever. I took some ideas from ALOT of ppl in order to set my own. So here it goes: The parts (missing PSU) Dismounted case Marked to cut Cutting process Radgrilz 3x120mm will be on top Painting process (Black paint WAS CRAP but its done now i wont be fooled again) Primary on the aluminum sides Painting process II (Bourdeaux this is GOOD PAINT ) Heres a Small update: 4\3 fully painted with the HDD's DVD-R \ DVD-ROM and Floppy My new cables ORANGE (Contrast of them with the black paint) Heres another update: The Case Fully Painted Ok, here's another update on my workprogress: The PSU cover in card: Mesh waiting to be bend to make same for has the card one: Mesh to be cut to fit the holes in the case: Mesh cut: Grill for the top: Painted screws for the back fans: Case Holders: Sanded side panels (rdy for another coat): Ready to cut plexi: Plexi roughly cut: Plexi + Painted top of case: Photo without flash so that you see that its a dark red and not orange Heres the Update: PSU "hideout" Grilz!!! Grillzzzz!!! II Side Panel fully painted Side Panel fully painted II DVD \ HDD holder Thx guys :thumb: Heres another small update, tomorow i have more time and im planing a bigger one :dremel: Grill with 120 fans in place: Back fan (i think it looks pretty damn nice i didnt place the other bc i might need to take out the grill again) Plexi top: Plexi top on the top LOL Vinyl Carbon Fiber lookalike HAS ARRIVED beware dvd-r\rom\floopy PSU Hideout bolted (ye i know i dmged paint a bit, but MB will cover it and ill prolly give it another coat of paint in the end) Bolts i used Fan looks from the inside Holes covers (need to open bolt holes in case and make cable size holes on the covers with the size of them so i can better hide PSU cables) Painted the front aluminum also, it smeared a bit, thou its not fully dry, when it is ill just use some paint removal liquid to put it WAYYYYYYYYY better Here's a BIGGGGG Update, im on the verge of completing my mod, ill try to get it done this weekend. Thou i need my dad help on the connecting the LEDs part :thumb: Mesh hole cover: Detail of screws: Vinyl Fiber Carbon applied :hip: LED holes opened: And covered with LED holders: Plexi for the other hole (Its crystal not white) With screws Detail (ill repaint the inside black again in the end of all the holes) Plexi cover ready to be drilled to put LEDs holders in it: Making holes for cables on the mesh cover Almost completed, just missing opening the holes in the plexi and soldering \ conecting the LEDS. Plexi hole cover (need to find a way to make some circular holes in it) Mesh hole cover COMPLETED Top just needs a little triming and its done Front bars cleaned of the excess of paint Side Panel Top repainted Last coat of black paint UPDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Assembly process started... slowly PSU Mesh Stealth ® Plexi hole cover MAKING HOLES process lol Plexi hole cover with LEDS in place Assembly process ENGAGED: ALMOST ALMOST FINISHEDDDDDDDDDDD Led soldering process: (thx dad :rock: ) Front bars in place Plexi Hole Cover (Yeh some scratchs ill try to user some scrathc remover) Top Leds ALMOST DONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :clap: :clap: