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  1. I now have to agree with the others here... I will NEVER purchase another Cooler Master product... PERIOD! I've been waiting since Feb. 19th for my PSU to get fixed and this is just plain ridicules. 1st) CM claimed it took over 2 weeks for my PSU to ship from Vegas to Cali. 2nd) In your responding email, CM said it would be 7-10 days... that was on 04/06/07. Then on 04/23/07 (17 days later), you finally claimed to ship it... as of today 04/30/07 UPS has only the billing info (another 7 days later) and STILL NO PACKAGE. 3rd) I see that you shipped GROUND... thanks for expediting my return. I have been trying to be patient but I have had it... I'm going to buy another company's PSU today and sell this off ASAP... (that’s if it ever does shows up). **AND COOLER MASTER... I WILL MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE I KNOW (INCLUDING MY TEAMMATES) ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND THE LACK OF QUALITY AND/OR TRUTH!!! I've already warned several on buying your products and they said thanks for the warning. One guy was about to buy a case from CM and he said he has now changed his mind. I should have trusted my first instincts and returned this to NewEgg as soon as it didn't work. I will also file a complaint with NewEgg, so they know what has happened. If anyone else has bought from NewEgg or where ever you bought this PSU… send in a complaint. Maybe enough complaints and they will not do business with Cooler Master! I know that I’m done!
  2. What will be the process to receive the replacement?? And do you have an est. on how much longer?? Thanks
  3. Hi notoriousbigs, Thanks for keeping us updated. This is the first time that I've used a CM product and I like it so far (well, other than the small prob.) LOL Grant
  4. hey Maelphaedor, Do you have the networking software installed?? I was getting those reboots... found it to be that Nvidia networking manager on that mb.
  5. Hi TS... Here's my sys specs. Intel C2E x6800 - 2gb Corsair Dominator 1142 - EVGA 680i mb - XFX 8800gtx OC - 150gb Raptor - 2x lite-on DVDs - SB X-fi - CoolerMaster RPP 850w - Zalman water cooler - 3xtra drives (WD raptor 74gb & 2 Maxtor sata 300gb)
  6. Hi TS... Just did some more test... it is the Cooler Master PSU. I just swapped it out with my old 550w PSU and it boots up every time. Then swapped back to the 850w and no cold boot. The only way to get it to boot without unplugging is to shut power down (by PC switch) before detecting IDEs #3 & 4. BIOS power levels: 3.3v is 3.26v - 3.3v dual is 3.26v - 12v is 11.98v - 5v is 4.91v and vbat is 3.04 Please let me know... if I should return to Newegg or what can be done ASAP.
  7. Hey TS... Here is some detailed info for you: This happens only on cold starts... rebooting not a problem. It starts to boot up to "detecting IDE drives". I have 4 drives and first 2 recognize ok... then on last two... it just pauses "says detecting IDE" (approx. 1 min.) then it goes through and looks like it's starting windows. Windows logo just sits there "indefinitely"... but there is no hd activity. Reseting or powering off does not work (at windows logo... same thing as above happens). If when detecting IDE... you hit power switch... then it will boot up OK. I did some searching and I've notice others with this problem too. On the other message boards they're not sure if it's MB or Video or PSU. Some just thought bad windows install but they all report similar issue. 12v issue: That 9.12v was reported by Everest but I just tried new PCwizard and it shows 14.06v. Not sure what's going on there... Thanks for looking into this...
  8. I have the same problem here... Sys. similar to above and I have to unplug the system. Also, voltages are off?? 12v reading 9.12v and -12v is reading at 10.74v w/Everest. Is this just a bad PSU?? Has anyone at Cooler Master answered this or do they bother??