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  1. It is not just on the website. It is also in the pdf versions of the manual.
  2. Sounds like you purchased an OEM harddrive. These are for system builder, not the general pubic. They are lower cost, because they do not come with any documentation, accessories or fancy packaging. Regarding the external case, I am not familiar with the product, but looking at the instructions on the website. You need to push and hold the case lock button, while sliding the case at the same time. Could be a dexterity problem?
  3. Actually, the instructions you needed to get your drive up a running should have been included with your HD drive. You should not have needed to come to a forum to get it up and running. Did you buy a retail or OEM version of your HD. If you bought an OEM, then that was your problem. If you bought a retail version and it did not have proper doc, and a setup disk, then shame on the manufacturer.
  4. Click on New Partition, and a wizard will start. You can accept all of the defaults.
  5. You need to initialize the drive, then partition the drive, then format the drive. This is the case for all new HD regardless of internal or external. You will also need to determine whether to format as NTFS or FAT32. Typically external drive are formated as FAT32, so they can easily be move between different OSs. If it is NTFS then it will only be usable on WinNT based OSs (NT, 2000, XP, 2003). All of this can be done in the disk manager.
  6. I noticed the new Real Power Pro 1000 on the website today, and found that the 850 and the 1000 have the same rateing on the 12V rail, but the wattage specified is very different. What is correct? 6 12V rail rated at 18A each = 960W or 720W. Let me know why the same Volt * Amps yield two different wattages.
  7. Thank you for the information. Pls confirm that the 4 PCI-e connectors are independant. According to the manual 12v5 and 12v6 are shared with the SATA and floppy connectors. So that means only 12v3 and 12v4 have dedicated rails. Thanks.
  8. I am also experiencing the same problem. No cold boot, but restarts without issue. However, if you force shutdown several time you can get it to boot without unpluging it. I have the following hardware: Tyan S2895 2X AMD Opteron 252 4X 1GB Registered DDR400 ATI X850 Crossfire Edition 3Ware 9560SE-8PML (8port SATA RAID) 8X Seagate 7200.8 400GB HD 1X Raptor WD740 system HD CoolMaster Stacker case CoolMaster 850 SLI PSU 2X AMD PIB heatsinks 3X 4in3 modules 8X HD in 2 lower 4in3 modules 1X HD in top of top 4in3 module OS Win2K3 SP1 SBS Standard
  9. Since no one at coolermaster, or here in the forums can answer my question. I will be returning my coolermaster product and not recommend any coolermaster product to my customer base.
  10. InfectiousDust: Each of the PCIe connector is completely seperate from any other connecter at the point it exits the PSU. Each PCIe wire group is individually bundled, and seperated. Each PCIe has a different color wire scheme. 2 of the 4 PCIe connector happen to use some wire that is the same color scheme as some of the non-PCIe connectors, but not all of the wire. I do not know it that actual indicactes that they are shared. EsaT: The manual that you are referencing clearly shows that 2 of the PCIe connector are shared. 12v5 and 12v6 are shared. The problem is that you can not tell easily which connector is 12v5 and 12v6.
  11. I guess the original post was not clear enough. The issue is that there are 4 PCIe connectors, however 2 are on shared rails and 2 are on dedicated rails. I wanted to know which two are on their own independant rails. The manual tells you the circuit layer out and clearly describes which rail is connected to each of the 4 PCIe connector, but the PSU does not label the individual PCIe connecter. They are all generically label PCIe. Not PCIe1, PCIe2, PCIe3, PCIe4, so it is not possible to link the actual connector to the detail circuit layout in the manual. I want to use the independant rails instead of the shared rails.
  12. Does anyone know which PCIe connector goes with which 12V rail. In the manual they do a good job of informing you what is on each rail, but they forgot to mark the connector so you can tell which is which. This makes it rather difficult to load balance the system. If anyone know what wire color goes with which 12V rail it would be very useful.