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  1. N3RO i like your idea, i'd never think do something like this, the case's illumination will gain a little "up"... now im think in cases that have a uv-reactive side window, put some uv-leds in the motherboard tray... im looking this project !!
  2. Great job, but a single suggestion, paint the aluminium part in the front ... use the color of the inside... and the case will be 100%... bye !
  3. ulysses, very nice job man, i see u're very talented with dremel, your jobs are professional, looks like lasercutted's ! []'s
  4. Hello Snakez, you made a very nice mod in the stacker, but the lights are weak, why dont you put a CCFL extra to illuminate ? A Stacker is my dream ^^ but here in Brazil i bought 7 cases in the price of a single Stacker... cya
  5. Pedro, why do you try to put a lcd to read the wattage consumption of your psu, like some new psu's sold with this feature ? its just a idea, but looks cool ...
  6. pedro, sincerely i dont like the result of painting psu ... but you don't end at all. But very nice case !
  7. hey Raf4MD, wht u make in the side window ? this pentagram, put the walkthrough here man ! very nice case
  8. Good job my brother Rodrigo, your dremel is possessed, im not joking... but man, the worse part of case you made a professional job, the front, i really hate mod front of every case ! im looking this project, send more pics to us !
  9. Hello, your case temperature is ok ? certainly the psu is heating and the sensor will up the fan speed... my igreen runs perfectly in my system, in hot days the psu do some extra noise, take a look in the air exit of the psu, check the temperature of the exausted air ...
  10. Pedro, u have amazing tools and creativity, thanx to representing brazil in this case... Put all reagents itens inside the case and the uv lights on to show us you make in this paint ! cya !