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  1. I've always liked the CM mod competitions, always bringing new people in the world of modding resulting to some fresh, inspiring designs. I'm currently checking out the builds and work-logs... there are lots of them, with load of pictures.... really some great builds this year. I won't be able to post a comment on each of them, but that wouldn't mean anything about me liking one more then another. I've wished I could have participated along this year, but I sadly wouldn't have the time on it. So at least, every build I'd see, will be better then my non-existing one! Well, good luck to all participants.
  2. I can still find myself surprised of the designs that people sometimes can come up with. Are those the final colors? I'd add some red to it, like at where the fans are connected to and the tail fins. Lol, the red is actually like it was in the game after googling some pictures of it. Must still have been far far away in my memory since I played it... ^^ If you're finished, don't forget to take a small video with it spinning (and flying away?)!
  3. I must say, when I first heard/read about wooden cases, they were just plain, basic square boxes... Then since a couple years, there have been more and more great designs in wood. Just by thinking about the CM mod contest participants who used wood to show incredible results. And I must say, you're well on your way, the design is there, and the build is already going quite well. The design is well thought out, you've made it yourself difficult for some parts, but it will increase the overall strength (for the weight) and it's resulting looks for sure. So let me just say, keep on going.
  4. Nice to see all these mods coming along together! I'm not able to be on the forum much to post comments, so I usually quickly look at the pictures ^^, and I've seen some very nice things! Everybody can be proud of his/her creation, heck, you make me feel like having 2 left hands... My votes are in, well, we'll know soon enough who the big winners!
  5. Motherboard BIOS may have a setting to shutdown at a certain temperature.
  6. This comparison might help you, they tested 80 greases and categorized them on performance, so you can check out what's worth it to get or not.
  7. Links are there, but I think the website where the pictures are hosted doesn't allows pictures to be used on other forums...?
  8. Never look at just 1 review, I always usually check at 2 or more of decent websites to have a good idea of the quality of a product. For example; HW secrets gives it their gold award and it performs very well if you take a look at their tests.
  9. Here's a pic of how to assemble it. The knob should be easily pulled of / slid back on, no need to turn or anything.
  10. It's looking very nice in the dark! Merry xmas!
  11. Starting to look better and better! Gota say it again, nice colors! Front panel looks great with the fan behind! Gonna place a filter behind it?If so, paint it white! lol
  12. I've seen the movie yesterday (it's superb!), so I finally understand what your mod is about. Love the paintjob, the white and orange gona look great.
  13. Lol, I saw the pic with the drill and thought, "A drill ! Better be careful not making any cracks!"...then I saw the other pictures... lol