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  1. It wasn't a Molex power connector, it was a SATA power connector.
  2. No, the only burnt part I could see is where the smoke was coming out itself, right at the power connector on the hard drive. It's a SATA connector, and where that connected to the HD both the SATA power cable from the PSU was melted, and the HD power port was also melted. Also, a fair bit of smoke came out at the time, right from that spot.
  3. I turned on my PC today after I got home from running errands, and smelled smoke. Come to find out, my SATA hard-drive got fried where the power cable connected to the HD, the power cable end actually melted, and it melted the HD where you plug the power cable into it. What could've caused this? The PC worked fine that same morning, and hadn't been turned on until I got home. I guess it's pretty guarenteed that I've lost everything on the HD, is there any way to save it? It's got years of data on it that I'd backed up from other drives. Also, how do I know if it's the PSU that fried the HD, or the HD that fried the PSU connector?